Did you hear the one about the Dog? And the Knee? 2

Cooper, enhanced

What do you think of that face?

Blogging here at TTW has been sporadic due to some very unforseen circumstances. I finally buckled down today to get caught up and start thinking about fall. The big news is that on a trail in northern Michigan Mr. Cooper Dog was running with joyous abandon as Labs do a few weeks ago. He plowed right into my right leg and fractured my tibial plateau! The pain is receding but I’m not walking for a few more weeks as I work on healing. The good news: no surgery and no plaster cast!

More in a bit as I get a grip. Thanks for all the well wishes online and for the wonderful surprises I’ve received in the mail.

2 thoughts on “Did you hear the one about the Dog? And the Knee?

  • Lynn Warner

    Oh my, can I relate! My lab/boxer mix has the same “joyous abandon” gene and I had a from behind the right knee tackle in March. Hyper-extension of the quadriceps tendon and 6 weeks of recovery. The heightened awareness of dog location lingers…speedy recovery wishes.

  • Janet Griffing

    That’s the thing about “The Face.” How can you be upset or angry when you look into those eyes? Killian The Hell Hound has been a one-dog destruction machine since arriving in February from rescue. A lab-mix chewing machine who has destroyed things that cost not a little money. And then he crawls up on the couch and rests his head in my lap and looks up at me and all is forgiven. I’m sure Mr. Cooper is much-loved despite having put his dad on the DL. Heal fast!! (You are lucky in re: surgery and cast. My mother had the whole shootin’ match when she fractured her plateau 25 years ago.)

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