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Webinars and such

Man, webinars, streamed meetings, recorded speeches, etc. are everywhere. Earlier today I stumbled across a twitter hashtag #gwws discussing a seemingly interesting (haven’t had a chance to watch it yet)  presentation on screencasts and staff development. This is directly in my professional interest wheelhouse. I am lucky I noticed the hashtag. What if I hadn’t? I, on the same hand, recently facilitated the Chicagoland Library Drupal Group.  We had some great content, discussing the soon to come and conquer Drupal 7 and how to allow patrons to make customized database lists using the Flag Module. We streamed and recorded the […]

Did you hear the one about the Dog? And the Knee?

What do you think of that face? Blogging here at TTW has been sporadic due to some very unforseen circumstances. I finally buckled down today to get caught up and start thinking about fall. The big news is that on a trail in northern Michigan Mr. Cooper Dog was running with joyous abandon as Labs do a few weeks ago. He plowed right into my right leg and fractured my tibial plateau! The pain is receding but I’m not walking for a few more weeks as I work on healing. The good news: no surgery and no plaster cast! More in […]

International Librarianship

My co-investigator fro the CAVAL Visiting Scholar Project, Warren Cheetham, shared this quote with me. It resonates with me as I reflect on working with librarians around the world. “If you get engaged in international library work, your personal life will be transformed every time you encounter and embrace a foreign culture; your personal boundaries will be expanded. International collaboration is needed if we want to make this world a more livable place.” Jesus Lau, President, Mexican Library Association We just submitted a draft of an article based on the academic library data from our surveys and focus groups last […]

Tech Trends at ALA TechSource

I couldn’t participate in the rescheduled ALA TechSource Webinar but I was able to contribute slides and some text. Tech Trend: Teaching & Learning in Flux View more presentations from Michael Stephens. Organizational Immersive Learning This subcategory addresses the outstanding success of the Learning 2.0 model of staff training: free, open, and inclusive. I was going to highlight my Australian research project sponsored by CAVAL. The foundation for this multi-dimensional study comes from the global replication of the program (1000 institutions and counting) and the words of Stephen Abram: ““I believe that this has been one of the most transformational […]

Interview with Smithsonian’s Michael Edson at ALA techSource

http://www.alatechsource.org/blog/2010/08/interview-with-michael-edson.html MS: The connection between libraries and museums gets clearer and clearer to me, especially after my speaking trip to Germany. At our Stammtisch evening, I spent a long time chatting with a museum employee. Her take was this: “We have 30 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention. We can’t use a blog. We can’t create a social experience in that time…”  Then at UGUL, you said to the audience “We have competition from EVERYONE.” What can museums – and libraries – do in this time of great competition to meet the needs of users and non-users alike? How do […]