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Man, webinars, streamed meetings, recorded speeches, etc. are everywhere. Earlier today I stumbled across a twitter hashtag #gwws discussing a seemingly interesting (haven’t had a chance to watch it yet)  presentation on screencasts and staff development. This is directly in my professional interest wheelhouse. I am lucky I noticed the hashtag. What if I hadn’t?

I, on the same hand, recently facilitated the Chicagoland Library Drupal Group.  We had some great content, discussing the soon to come and conquer Drupal 7 and how to allow patrons to make customized database lists using the Flag Module. We streamed and recorded the event (here).  I advertised on the drupal4lib listserv, web4lib, ALA Connect and Twitter.  I am positive I have missed a large portion of the audience that have or will have an interest in learning about these topics. 

I think it is important to put my recorded content in a place where it can easily be found. I also want a place I can easily find content that interests me.  Does this exist?  I don’t think so, at least I have not been able to find it.

So, might as well create it, right?  I have made a page on the Library Success Wiki as a home for these webinars, streamed meetings, recorded speeches and the like, titled Webinars and such.  I imagine I don’t have to describe why a wiki is a good idea for this.

Please add links to the wiki and spread the word.

TTW Contributor: Mick Jacobsen

3 thoughts on “Webinars and such

  • Kyle Jones

    You know, this seems like an excellent project for ALA to archive the collective knowledge and professional materials of the individuals it serves. Maybe talk to Jenny Levine and see what she thinks?


  • Mick Jacobsen


    I thought about ALA originally and ALA Connect in particular. But then I thought, I can set this up in one minute on a wiki. I hate waiting around on people to get permission, etc… If ALA did do something I would be happy to help though.


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