New Class for Spring 2012: Transformative Learning and Technology Literacies

This is the new class I’m designing for spring 2012 at SJSU SLIS:

Transformative Learning and Technology Literacies

All information professionals will most probably be called upon to create or present some form of instruction within the scope of their jobs. Within information environments, this class explores models such as Mezirow?s concept of transformative learning and the Learning 2.0/23 Things program as well as developing concepts such as transliteracy. Coursework answers thesequestions:

  • How can we promote transformative learning via technology?
  • What are exemplary practices for library staff and user learning programs?
  • What emergent technologies are enhancing the way we learn?
  • How can Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) enhance professional practice?

This class offers students a chance to explore library learning beyond bibliographic instruction. Upon completion of this class, students will be able to:

  • Utilize models of engaged, technology-based learning within information positions of all kinds.
  • Understand new types of literacies impacting the way we learn and consume information.
  • Create a Web-based model of an exemplary engaged learning program.
  • Utilize a personal learning network to enhance future professional practice.
  • Apply critical thinking and methodologies for understanding learners within all information environments.
  • Create and edit content for the Read/Write Web via various social technologies.