TTW Endorses Barb Stripling for ALA President – Please Vote

I met Barb at our SLIS reception at PLA – I appreciate her views and focus on learning of all kinds within our field. In the course of our discussion, she told me that she continues to learn and take on new challenges. That view aligns with my own about the profession. Please vote for Barb.

Here’s the text of an email I received from her campaign:

Dear Colleague,

As a leader of ALA, you know the importance of voting for the presidential candidate who can provide strong vision and leadership for our association at this challenging and exciting time for libraries. I believe you will decide that I am that candidate.

I am a proven collaborative leader who builds teams, plans strategically, and moves large systems to more effective practices. My deep experience in ALA as a division president, ALA Executive Board member, and ALA Councilor has prepared me to lead ALA in a transformation process to make it more inclusive, diverse, and collaborative. I will listen to the voices of our members and ensure that ALA becomes more interactive and dynamic.

We are at a critical point in libraries and librarianship. Under my presidency, ALA will coalesce and assert national leadership in critical issues facing our field, including equitable access to e-publications, library funding, the value of libraries and librarians, preservation and curation in the digital environment, and the essential educational and community-building role of libraries. ALA will provide support to our members across the country as you transform your libraries to meet the priorities of your communities.

As president, I will champion the values of intellectual freedom and equitable access to information in all formats. I will use ALA’s voice to create strong public will for libraries of all types.

Please visit my website to find out why you will want to vote for Barbara Stripling as ALA President ( I ask for your vote and your endorsement to your network of colleagues. Thank you.


Barbara Stripling
Assistant Professor of Practice, Syracuse University Syracuse, NY
Phone: (315) 443-1069
Twitter: @BarbStripling
LinkedIn: barbarastripling