Another New Article – Australian Library Journal

Stephens, M. & Cheetham, W. (2012). “Benefits and results of Learning 2.0: a case study of CityLibrariesLearning – discover*play*connect.” Australian Library Journal, 61(1), 6-15.

A snippet:

Both the pre- and post-programme survey utilised the question ‘Which of the following topics/tools are familiar to you?’ Staff selected from a scale ranging from ‘have only heard the name’ to ‘very familiar.’ There were marked improvements across the scale in every category for the post-programme survey.  Technologies such as Facebook, blogs, Google documents and others showed marked improvement in the post programme survey. 

 Adopting the tools into work and personal life was also a result of the programme. Throughout the research project, survey respondents and focus group participants expressed interest and excitement about certain tools. At CityLibraries, the tool was Rich Site Summary (RSS). RSS feeds from various blogs, news sites, and social sites are read via Web sites such as iGoogle, Bloglines or NetVibes. For RSS, 20% of post-programme respondents noted they now use feeds to keep current.

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Taken on one of the last days of the five week research trip to Australia, 2009. 🙂