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ILEAD USA (by TTW contributor Mick Jacobsen)

I have been a part of this initiative as an instructor for the first two iterations and can not recommend it highly enough! Check it out if you live in one of the states involved. ILEAD USA Applications Available-“National Day of Application” November 1 The State Library continues its preparations to host ILEAD USA (Innovative Librarians Explore, Apply and Discover): The 21st Century Technology and Leadership Skills Institute for the States. This continuing education initiative will be held at the University of Illinois Springfield on March 25-28, June 17-20 and October 21-24, 2013. Our partner states in ILEAD USA are […]

Reaching All Users: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Patrons in the Library – A TTW Guest Post by Holly Lipschultz

For those of you who already know me, I’m profoundly deaf and wear a cochlear implant and a hearing aid. For those of you who don’t–now you know! Many don’t, particularly if I wear my hair down. I talk quite normally thanks to the cochlear implant, and I hear well enough to “pass” for hearing. However, I struggle in some situations, and people get frustrated and say, “Never mind, it wasn’t important,” or assume I’m stupid or rude. Deafness is an invisible disability. It’s easy to remember to make sure that there are ramps and elevators for people using crutches […]

Thanks Vancouver Public Library

A big shout out to the incredible staff of VPL for the great visit I had yesterday. I was invited by library administration to do a public library futures presentation for staff. There are some very exciting things happening at this library and I learned a lot from everyone I talked to. I repeated the talk in the afternoon for more staff and folks from nearby libraries. Thanks to all for such a warm welcome to Canada. For slides please Contact Michael

Unglue: Giving books to the world by crowd funding – A TTW Guest Post by Jan Holmquist

The most democratic book project I know is about to relaunch – Here is an article I wrote for the German library magazine BUB as member of the Zukunftentwicklers network – With a few corrections because a lot has happened with since the deadline: What is crowd funding and what does it mean to unglue? To unglue a book means that you buy the rights to the book and then pass them on by giving the book to the world for free to read in any e-book format and on any device – without DRM or time restrictions under a creative commons license. […]

The Future of Libraries in a Digital Culture by Patricia Martin via Huffington Post

Super cool article by Patricia Martin at Huffingtom Post. So glad to meet here at #rsq12‘ Until recently, public libraries had little reason to innovate. Then Google arrived. More disruptive technologies followed, causing an identity crisis for librarians. Now the profession is re-thinking its purpose — a quest that lured a gathering of 350 eager librarians to Telluride, Colorado recently for the R-Squared (Risk and Reward) Conference. As I circulated, knots of librarians huddled to share ideas and solutions. If there was a common thread it was the need to understand the increasingly complex lives of customers. Pre-Internet, a library […]

The Portal at Tippecanoe County PL

Note from Michael: I met Tippecanoe County PL (Lafayette, IN) director Jos Holman at IPLA last week. He told me about his library’s creation space “The Portal.” S. Neal Starkey, Head Technology Librarian, followed up with some info and a link. I thought this was a good example of what’s possible in a medium-sized midwest library. The Portal is a new public space the Tippecanoe County (Indiana) Public Library system custom-designed to give its customers a place to learn, create, and interact with new technologies. This space is currently populated with a mix of desktops, laptops, and tablets. The design and seating are flexible […]

Thanks Library 2.012!

I was honored to present at the Library 2.012 Conference this year. I did two talks back to back for folks from all over the world. Here are the presentation links: “23 Things” as Transformative Learning: Promoting Confidence, Curiosity and Communication via Library Staff Professional Development: For slides please Contact Michael Our Common Purpose: Libraries and LIS Education in Flux: For slides please Contact Michael The recordings for the conference are here: – Don’t miss the excellent keynote presentations!