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Amazon lockers

Amazon lockers, a photo by WordShore on Flickr. John Kirriemuir writes: In a Co-operative supermarket in Birmingham. The Amazonification of consumerism, from the manufacturers factory to the customers hands, continues. This intrigues me as a consumer. It also intrigues me to consider what libraries might do with similar.

Lost Faith: College Students’ Photoshopification and Information Literacy

When I finished library school around the year 2000, the shift from print to online was well underway. OPACs were common place, CD towers had already migrated to online databases, and teaching search strategies to students was seen (by librarians and faculty member alike) as an essential piece to teaching the research paper. Yet, even as the changes were happening around us, the mental models used by our students were not moving as quickly. The essential information literacy problem we faced was that students tended to believe almost anything they found on the web, especially if a website had a […]