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Office Hours: The Evolving LIS Core

My new column is up at LJ: User studies—research concerning patterns of information use in our everyday lives, in times of crisis, and as members of certain populations (students, the aging, etc.)—define the first part of this core. Appreciating the diversity of cultures in relation to library service should come early, as our grads will be citizens of the world. Second, the core would include an emphasis on the ever-changing technological landscape. This might include coding, hardware, and all those things once deemed the realm of the IT department but would also include understanding the architecture of participation and […]

Thanks to All in Germany – “Learning Everywhere” Visit 2012 (Updated)

Video: Hamburg, TUHH. Courtesy of the Zukunftwerkstatt Christoph Deeg was my gracious traveling companion for much of the week. (Photo by Martin Kramer) I want to extend heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended my talks in Germany and the good folks who worked so tirelessly to bring me over for a four stop tour with “Learning Everywhere.” Special thanks to Christoph Deeg and Julia Bergmann of the Zukunftwerkstatt for planning the tour and making everything so smooth. Also to Prof Hans Christoph Hobohm for facilitating in Berlin and everyone else who welcomed us at each stop! The dinners, discussions, […]

Survey: American libraries using Social Media tools for PR/Marketing

Curtis R. Rogers, Ed.D., Communications Director at the South Carolina State Library, has posted the annual survey on American libraries using Social Media tools for PR/Marketing. Please consider participation and share the link: The survey will close on Wednesday, November 21, 2012, 5:00pm EST. Please forward this survey to library colleagues, state library association listservs, Facebook pages, or others who may be interested. If you have any questions, please contact me at Curtis R. Rogers, Ed.D. Communications Director, SC State Library

Excellence in Library Services to Young Adults 2012 (by TTW contributor Justin Hoenke)

I’m very honored to be part of this years President’s Program Planning Task Force for YALSA.  As part of this program, we’re announcing this years Excellence in Library Services to Young Adults program which you can find out about below.  If you’re a teen program who’s doing awesome things, I highly suggest you think about being part of this program.  There’s a lot of great teen programs out there right now being put on by hard working librarians and this is your chance to share them with everyone! From YALSA will select up to twenty-five innovative teen programs from all types of libraries […]

Too Much Assessment Not Enough Innovation: R&D Models and Mindsets for Academic Libraries

Don’t miss Too Much Assessment Not Enough Innovation: R&D Models and Mindsets for Academic Libraries by Brian Mathews. Download it here: Brian writes: In seven days I’ll be giving a talk on R&D for academic libraries but here is the enhanced version of the conference paper. This is a follow-up (actually a sequel) to Think Like A Startup. I described the intentions of this paper last month so I’ll save us all from repetition. The key point is that assessment programs should be engines for change seeking progress not sustainment. I reread the paper on Saturday and the thing that stood out was how […]

Autism speaks… and we should listen – A TTW Guest Post by Pamela Hawks

Note from Michael – Pamela is a WISE student from Rutgers taking my Hyperlinked Library course. This is a companion post to Holly’s previously published post on serving the hearing impaired. (**names have been changed for anonymity’s sake**)   My education began with an eye-roll. The library worker standing next to me behind the circulation desk added a heavy sigh and a series of tut-tuts to the eye-roll.  The troubling cause of this facial display?  The child having a mild fit 15 feet away from us in the children’s section of the library.  ”Do you know Stephen?” she asked me, as if […]