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Cluetrain Brilliance

“Imagine a world where everyone was constantly learning, a world where what you wondered was more interesting than what you knew, and curiosity counted for more than certain knowledge. Imagine a world where what you gave away was more valuable than what you held back, where joy was not a dirty word, where play was not forbidden after your eleventh birthday.” Levine, Locke, Searls & Weinberger. (2001). The Cluetrain manifesto: The end of business as usual.

Announcing PREFAB – Library Website Service

Are you struggling with an unfriendly or dated library Website? Not have the staff or big budget to do a lengthy overhaul? Look no further than PREFAB. Do not miss this incredible offering from Aaron Schmidt and Amanada Etches, aka INFLUX: http://weareinflux.com/prefab PREFAB THE LIBRARY WEBSITE SERVICE Prefab is a ready-to-launch website designed for libraries. Based on years of library user research, our template gives you everything you need to create a fantastic library website. With Prefab, you won’t even need to worry about hosting. We’ve designed an amazing library website so you don’t have to. THIS IS PREFAB and it […]