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#transtech Learning 2.0 Programs this Semester

In my Library Journal column “Office Hours,” I explored the concept of learning everywhere.  Here’s a snip: This semester, I’m teaching a new class based on Mezirow’s concepts of transformative learning, the work of Char Booth in the arena of user instruction, and the Learning 2.0 model…. We’re working with consultant Polly-Alida Farrington, who teamed up three groups of my students with two libraries and a school library consortium in New York State. Over the course of our 15-week semester, each group is adapting, designing, and running a “mini-23 Things” for its assigned organization. It’s been a fun, chaotic, and messy experience. In our weekly group […]

#TTW10: Sharing Our Passion by Stephen Abram

Michael asked me to write a guest post for Tame the Web to celebrate its tenth anniversary.  I’m honoured.  Tame the Web has been in my feeds since the very first day. Secondly, Michael is awesome and is one of the dynamic, positive forces in our profession through his writing, research, speaking and teaching and just being Michael. This opportunity set me to thinking about the nature of sharing.  My wife, Stephanie, teaches grade four so I know that about age ten you’re in grade four, just like Tame the Web.  Ten-years-old is a critical time as we move from […]

Announcing #23mobilethings: Global Mobile Learning 2.0

From Jan Holmquist: 23 Mobile Things is a self paced course that offers library workers the chance to build their awareness, knowledge and skills at their own pace. It  is a fun professional development tool that seeks to explore the added potential of mobile devices.  The course is freely available to anyone who has access to a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) to participate. We are interested in exploring ways that libraries and library staff can use mobile technologies to deliver library services, to engage with their communities and for their own professional development. The first version of 23 mobile […]