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#hyperlibMOOC Update:Your upcoming SJSU SLIS MOOC Experience!

We’re gearing up for the Fall 2013 Hyperlinked Library MOOC Pilot, and we are excited to share the most recent news. Here are some of the topics and guest lecturers that we have planned for our MOOC participants: • Explore the Hyperlinked Library Model, Hyperlinked Library Communities, and Community Engagement, along with Participatory Service and Planning for Hyperlinked Libraries. We’ve invited Michael Casey, Sarah Ludwig, Monica Harris, Gretchen Caserroti, and others as guest lecturers and have open and collaborative assignments for you to explore. • Expand understandings about Transparency, Privacy, User Experience, and the Mobile and Geo-Social Environments. We’ve invited Aaron […]

23 Things for SLIS Students & Alumni – New Learning 2.0 Initiative at SJSU SLIS SLISConnect, SJSU’s School of Library & Information Science student and alumni group, is excited to announce the launch of 23 Things for SLIS Students & Alumni: Essentials Skills for Professional Success. This Learning 2.0 program will offer 23 weekly modules (one module per week) to introduce specific online technologies that are proven and recommended by SLIS students and alumni for academic and professional success. Created by SLIS students and alumni for SLIS students and alumni, this unique program, in addition to exploring valuable online tools, creates and fosters connections among a community of professionals committed to lifelong and collaborative learning. With three target audience groups, […]

#hyperlibMOOC: Please Suggest More Books for the Reading List!

Greetings! The Hyperlinked Library MOOC is coming together. Kyle Jones and his team of SJSU SLIS students are building an incredible site for the MOOC and for our SLIS classes. I wanted to put out a call – as i have done before – for additions to the “Context Book” assignment. We’ll use this in the MOOC and in our regular SLIS class. What socio-technical titles would you add to this list?     Anderson, Chris. The Long Tail Anderson, Chris. Makers: The New Industrial Revolution Batelle, John. The Search Beck, John C. & Mitchell Wade. Got game Berger, Jonah. Contagious: Why Things Catch On […]

LFL Video Contest Continues – Please Consider Voting

            Updated from a previous TTW Post: HOW COOL! A teen who lives next to us at the lake made a video for the Little Free Library Film Festival! Cassidy shot the video on his iPod Touch and used some of our pics from the building of the library. The video features the kids and neighbors who use our Little Free Library (and a shot at the campfire too!) I am really knocked out by his creativity!Vote for Cassidy’s super cool video about the Little Free Library at Spider Lake by liking or pinning it […]

I Don’t Get Discovery Platforms: Are We Letting Quantity Win Over Design? by TTW contributor Troy Swanson

Every ILS and database vendor at ALA Annual seemed to be touting their new flashy, single-search discovery tool that groups together all kinds of information sources in a list of search results. Discovery is the hot topic, and your library surely doesn’t want to be left out in the cold. The sales folks have been putting on the full-court press within higher education, and I assume also in public libraries. After leaving ALA, I just don’t get it. The hype doesn’t seem to match the impact.  I struggle to see who these tools benefit. Who’s the Audience? Over the years, […]

What type of library do you work for? (By TTW Contributor Mick Jacobsen)

“There are two kinds of people in the world: those who divide the world into two kinds of people, and those who don’t” – Robert Benchley When I walk in to a library I can usually tell what type it is fairly quickly.  I don’t mean public, special, academic, school, etc.  but a library for stuff or a library for experiences.  When I walk in to the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, IL  it is obviously centered on experiences.  When I go in to a museum library it is obviously about stuff. This isn’t to say that AHML doesn’t also have an […]