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Dyslexia, Sorting, Organizing, and the Availability Heuristic by TTW Contributor Troy Swanson

Writer Jay Stringer wrote a piece on Panels.net about how comic books helped him deal with his dyslexia and increased his reading skills (see Dyslexia and Comics by Jay Stringer 10|24|14). He notes, “We all combine information in different ways, and at different speeds. Some can add story and plot together in a mathematical equation that leads to narrative. Dyslexics like myself can’t learn anything without a narrative to hold on to. Why am I being given this information? What does it do? What is it relevant to? What similar thing should I store it next to in my head?” […]

Library Blogging: TADL’s Fine Print

I am very impressed with the new blogging initiative launched by Traverse Area District Library: Fine Print is a curated collection of library inspired findings and fun to enrich your personal, professional, and creative endeavors. Fine Print is a production of the Traverse Area District Library, a network of community libraries serving Grand Traverse County through six facilities. Learn more about TADL. http://fineprint.tadl.org I especially like the “Reference Couch” entries: http://fineprint.tadl.org/category/refcouch/ Kudos to TADL, the fine folks that also brought us the statistics dashboard:  http://www.tadl.org/stats/