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What #journalists can learn from #librarians by TTW Contributor Troy Swanson

I have written about the connections between journalism and libraries previously on this blog (see “The Relationship Model: What Journalism Can Teach Us“). The ways that society is interfacing with and consuming information are shaping both professions in parallel ways. This week I have stumbled upon two pieces that pull together journalism and librarianship and help orient both for the future. First amendment protections are one area where the journalism and librarianship have long shared philosophical connections. This is why when I read Barbara Fister’s brilliant insights on the PEN America report on free speech on college campuses I quickly shared her […]

New Research Article: Connected Learning: Evaluating and Refining an Academic Community Blogging Platform

I have an article in the new issue of the Journal of Education for Library and Information Science on our student blogging platform at the School of Information, San Jose State University. This study investigates the benefits of a community blogging platform for students in an online LIS program. Using a web survey and descriptive content analysis methods, this paper empirically addresses how student blogging communities can be effectively foster connections amongst instructors and students, and enhance perceptions of learn- ing performance. Overall, students reported the blogging community and blogging as- signment created a positive impact on their learning performance, particularly […]

Thanks TLN TechForum & Michigan Librarians!

Note from Michael: We had an issue with TTW for the past few days that Blake fixed for me last night. Apologies for being behind! Here’s a shout out to all the folks who attended The Library Network Tech Forum on Friday in Bloomfield, MI. I was honored to present the keynote, especially to folks in my adopted home state of Michigan!  As promised some links to follow up: Download the slides. Abstract: The Heart of Librarianship: Attentive, Positive & Purposeful Change The heart of librarianship is learning and supporting our users’ curiosity through every means possible. It’s a cyclical process […]