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Rick Anderson on Libraries & Leadership – Don’t Miss This New Book

I am thoroughly enjoying Rick Anderson’s new book, a collection of his essays and writings from the last few years. Don’t miss this one, especially if you are involved in leadership, the shifting nature of collections, and managing change within organizations of learning. More Info is here: CHICAGO — A creative thinker on topics related to library collections and scholarly publishing, Rick Anderson does not back away from controversy. “Whenever we, as members of an organization like a library, are forced to choose between good things, we may start by trying to figure out some way to have both things,” he writes […]

Networking for the Beginner

Check out Megan Bergeron’s informative post for students who may be new to the networking scene. As scary as meeting new people sometimes can be, the biggest favor you can do for yourself is get out there and just start saying hi to everyone you meet and learn a bit about what they do. Its a great way for you to learn more about yourself and help you learn to focus on the things you’re really interested in or passionate about. At the end of the day the only person who’s going to look out for your best interests is yourself, […]

Thanks Poplar Creek Public Library District!

A big thank you and shout out to the good folks at Poplar Creek Public Library District. I had a blast speaking at their Staff Development Day yesterday. Download my slides. The featured image is a little riff we did on storytelling with emoji. Can you tell what epic story it might be? Selected References Creative Classroom Model Model Programme for Public Libraries Selected “Office Hours” Columns cited: Talk About Compassion Dream. Explore. Experiment. Hygge State of Mind Speak of the Devil Color Me Curious Library as Classroom Live Long Day Library Emoji Also of Interest: The Heart of Librarianship – New […]

News: Martin Garnar, UCCS Library Dean to lead Freedom to Read Foundation

Cheers to Martin! Martin Garnar, dean, Kraemer Family Library, was recently elected 2016-17 president of the Freedom to Read Foundation. “The foundation does important work supporting the First Amendment in libraries and the larger society, and I’m humbled for this opportunity to advance its mission,” Garnar said. The Freedom to Read Foundation, based in Chicago and founded in 1969, is affiliated with the American Library Association. The foundation protects and defends the First Amendment and supports the right of libraries to collect information, according the foundation’s web site. This is Garnar’s second term on the foundation’s board, having previously served […]

An Unconditional “Yes!”

Anytime someone asks me if they should go to library school, I want to give them an unconditional “Yes!” Since I’ve graduated, spent almost two years working as a full-time librarian, and started to pay back my student loans, I haven’t given one unqualified “Yes!” to anyone. I’d like to say something about why that is. * * * From 6:00 to 9:00 PM on Wednesday nights, I work at the information desk with one other employee, often a part-time library clerk. Recently, we were doing a little arts and crafts project to pass the time, and she asked me […]

London Calling: Check Out the #ILI2016 Programme Here

The conference programme is out for Internet Librarian International 2016! This is one of my favorite conferences – please take a look. At ILI, we’re all about responding to challenge through innovation. ILI is a great forum for sharing ideas, learning new skills, hearing about new tools and technology, making unexpected connections, discovering practical solutions, and exploring new and interesting approaches – all with the aim of helping you make a difference to your organisation, clients and communities. Take a look at this year’s programme and plan now to meet up with us in London this October.  

Three Things I’ve Learned as a Library Director by TTW Contributor Justin Hoenke

One year ago I made the jump from a career full of youth services to a life as a director of a small public library. It was a jump that I knew I wanted to make for awhile and when I had the opportunity to work at the Benson Memorial Library in Titusville, PA I jumped right at it. YOUR COMMUNITY IS UNIQUE. UNDERSTAND THEM. We can’t rely on an article in a library related publication to spell out exactly what we need to do in our library. Every community is different, and with that you have to adapt to […]

Moving from Standards to Framework by TTW Contributor Troy Swanson

“I am not sure how to use the Framework for Information Literacy. I haven’t really had time to look at it.” These were the words of an instruction librarian. I was at a poster session at ALA Annual in Orlando, and I had a great conversation with this librarian about her poster. Now, the conversation was turning toward the Framework. She said, “each year, we use the Information Literacy Standards to assess our program. I do not really understand how I would do this with the Framework.” She seemed concerned that the Framework forced her to undergo some undefined process. […]

Our Sorting Hat: Hogwarts Houses, Information Literacy, and ALA Orlando by TTW Contributor Troy Swanson

I just returned from ALA Annual in Orlando this week, and since we were in Orlando, I couldn’t escape the reach of the Harry Potter marketing machine and the equally as pervasive reach (all across the conference) of the Harry Potter fandom. (For the uninitiated, please note that these are very different things.) Over drinks, conversation turned the world of Harry Potter, which often started with identifying one’s Hogwarts’ House. Of course, I was not aware that I was a member of a Hogwarts’ House. This was quickly remedied by taking the test at the Pottermore website and going through the […]