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Repost of a thought from February as I relax in my hotel dressing gown in Monterey

One of our cool Reference librarians came to see me right before I left for CA. We talked shop and Macs and music..and I thought back to this post, written at PLA as he described with excitement his plans for a new computer purchase: Public Libraries should do everything they can to provide a computer — a laptop — for all of their librarians. (it’s also a pretty snazzy perk in a job where there aren’t bonuses and the like…) We have it GOOD at SJCPL, each manager gets a 15″ Powerbook and the means to take it anywhere! I […]

Dallas Apple Store A much much much better retail environment than the Seattle store! Oh, heck, here’s what I wrote then: During my stay in Seattle for the Public Library Association Conference I planned to visit the Apple store and buy two more iSights and an iPod mini. I was outside the store with the Sony camera shooting the silvery Apple logo and two employees came out and stood on either side of me. The female said: “Excuse me what are you photographing…we have a policy… what are the pictures for?” I said “For my blog of Apple Stores I have visited…” […]


As part of our Staff In-Service day last week, the whole SJCPL team took the Myers Briggs Type Inventory Assessment Tool with our facillitators Sharon and Dan Wiseman. I am an ENFJ. Seven years ago, we did the test and I was an INFJ. The purpose? To show the library staff how differently each of us meets the world and experiences it. We broke up into types (NFs for me) and did an esxercise. It was pretty darn cool.

Wanda in LA

Working on the article about “technolust,” Chris introduced me electronically to librarian Wanda Bruchis in Louisiana. We spent an hour on the phone talking tech and planning it was just the coolest. Wanda’s library was featured in that NYT article I mentioned here. Thanks Wanda! I look forward to meeting you at a library conference someday!