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Rachel Singer Gordon: NextGen Libs

I blogged this before but it deserves a close re-read. Gordon gets it! http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA379266 She writes: “In order to keep up with constant change, our profession has the responsibility for integrating the contributions and perspectives of younger librarians into the field. The best way to start is by adopting their perspectives on and comfort with a variety of technological advances.” IM anyone? Unwired PDAs anyone? Walking Paper anyone?

SJCPL Blog make the Local Paper

Library communicates with blogs Web logs easy to update, viewed via Internet By ANNIE BASINSKI Tribune Staff Writer This morning in the South Bend Tribune, SJCPL received some nice press in the form of an article about our blog, which last week underwent a change from two seperate blogs to one BIG one! “Blogs ranging from personal to political are turning up everywhere on the Internet — from Howard Dean’s presidential campaign blog to Newsweek’s “MarthaWatch.” Michael Stephens, head of networked resources development and training at the St. Joseph County Public Library, started “blogging” last year after he learned about […]