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Dinner with Rachel Singer Gordon

I had the pleasure of having dinner with Rachel Singer Gordon Saturday night in Orlando! What fun. We fell right into conversation about our libraries, UNT, technology, conferences and writing for the library world. I appreciate Rachel’s writing and view of the library world! thanks for a great time, Rachel!

LITA Top Technology Trends: An ALA 2004 Congrunt

LITA Top Technology Trends ? An ALA Congrunt (Note: no wifi makes it into the Ballroom of the Peabody Hotel but the Lobby upstairs offers free WiFi! I?ll post this after the session.) Ok – The moderator said the names so quickly, said them only once and the room was so full that I never caught them in the way I should have. I will come back and edit this soon but I wanted to post it now before I leave the lobby of the Peabody! Take a look at this page of contributors at LITA’s Web site. Speakers: Eric […]

Aaron hits One Hundred

Rock ON Aaron… 100 IM questions to his PL’s screename. He writes: “For no cost not only have we become more available, but I’ve helped patrons that otherwise wouldn’t have been helped. I’ve done more Young Adult Readers’ Advisory in the past 2 months than I have in the previous 2 years. YAs have sent me messages asking about the library’s hours, and prizes for summer reading program. I bet that these things aren’t a big enough deal for them to make a telephone call, but shooting me a quick message is more convenient. Perhaps this is grandiose, but I […]

Dallas Apple Store A much much much better retail environment than the Seattle store! Oh, heck, here’s what I wrote then: During my stay in Seattle for the Public Library Association Conference I planned to visit the Apple store and buy two more iSights and an iPod mini. I was outside the store with the Sony camera shooting the silvery Apple logo and two employees came out and stood on either side of me. The female said: “Excuse me what are you photographing…we have a policy… what are the pictures for?” I said “For my blog of Apple Stores I have visited…” […]

Off to ALA!!!

Have I mentioned I’m off to ALA on Thursday? Probably not with all the school stuff starting. I’m going down for a few meetings, exhibits and to see some library folk. I am also going to visit Disney and Universal! I was disappointed in the lack of tech stuff at PLA, so we will see how this plays out. I chose a Hilton property that has FREE wireless throughout the building! I am travelling with my dear friend Keith, who was my roomate through 2 years of undergrad days in Bloomington “back in the day.” We always seem to have […]

Day Three (Painless Stats!?)

Sunday class time was 9am-3pm with time for a carried in lunch. we chatted a whole lot more about the whole experience and talked about future Institutes in Denton. We will spend weekends in Texas: August October December January 2005 will have fewer meetings and more online stuff. The last part of the day was spent with Dr. Richard herrington, who will be teaching our online class SLIS 6940 Seminar in Research and Research Methodology. The text is an InfoToday book (yeah!) Statistical Methods for the Information Professional: A Practical, Painless Approach to Understanding, Using, and Interpreting Statistics by Liwen […]

Day Two

Day Two was spent in class with Dr. O’Connor. IMLS 6000, the introductory Info Science course, is an overview of the studylife of a doctoral student. We discussed the nature of information, definitions of what information is (and yes, a digital file of a Fleetwood Mac song is information…) and such topics as entropy. At noon time we headed to lunch at Johnny Corrino’s across the way from the Hampton. I had the BEST low carb salmon dish ever. The afternoon was spent discussiong various PPTs that Dr. O’Connor presented. It was also one of the times a few of […]