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An Open Letter to ALA

Dear ALA: The time has come. I’m tired of waiting. I’m tired of complaining to the dear PLA employee on the trolley on I-Drive in Orlando. (while sweating profusely from the heat) This was my tipping point: My friend CJ over at technobiblio just wrote this in his blog about not finding the PLA Program submission info very easily: “This is a perfect example of why PLA (and all other ALA’s divisions – doesn’t anyone want to be first?) need a blog…” We’re talking communication..spreading the word. Please take a look at how blog software can disseminate information quickly and […]

WiFi Police State

Ugh… I’m speechless… This summer, I spent a few minuted parked outside of a place in TC that had wifi vbecause I desperately had to check UNT class stuff. I might have been accosted as well if a TC police officer had found me there… http://akma.disseminary.org/archives/001518.html And this: http://akma.disseminary.org/archives/001521.html What the heck? I hope this makes the big news media… it highlights something we need to think about in this world of access and laptops everywhere… Via Librarian.net