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After working at a branch yesterday for a Sunday shift I stopped to get gas at the grocery store/gas station/Starbucks complex up north of town. As I was pumping the petrol, my phone signaled I had a text: “I see you getting gas…” It was like a movie! I suddenly felt like the whole world was watching me and I hadn’t known. “Who is this?” I replied. (Here’s where every stalker thriller I’ve ever seen played out in my head..) Turns out, it was my colleague Maire from SJCPL who does our Web Development. She was getting coffee and thought […]

Any libraries using iTunes & iPods?

I got this neat e-mail yesterday: Michael, Do you know of any public library, or other kind of library,?that?is running?iTunes?on a server and allows patrons to listen via a public access computer?? Our Library is looking at possibly providing this service but I have not found any site that is talking about it. Thanks for your help! I love this idea! iTunes has the capability nthrough Rendezvous to access a library on another Mac on the network and stream the songs for listening. At my desk at SJCPL on any given day I see other folks libraries: Adam, Kris, Nancy, […]

Library Managers…

Rachel Singer Gordon has put up an exerpt of her new book The Accidental Library Manager at LISJobs and it is GREAT reading! Rachel’s take on all things library always impresses me. I was lucky enough to chat with her over dinner at ALA and we got to cover loads of stuff… including managing and staff morale. Run..don’t walk to this one.

Technoplans vs. technolust

A well-thought-out technology plan can help libraries stay on course We may know that technology is not an end in itself but a tool to help us meet our libraries’ service goals, but that’s easy to forget. After all, technology often sucks up huge amounts of attention, money, and staff resources. Our users, also technology consumers, have evolving expectations of what the library should provide. Yet new technologies can be disruptive to both staff and public. Added to all this, some of us remain technophobes while others are consumed by technolust – an irrational love for new technology combined with […]