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Call for Speakers: Implementing Top Tech Trends for Public Libraries

I am organizing a track for Internet Librarian 2005, October 24-26, dedicated to implementing some of the top technology trends in public libraries. My emphasis: practical applications and useful ideas that attendees can take home and USE in their small or medium-sized public libraries (or boost what some of the BIG libraries are doing). Are you a public librarian and implementing RFID? WiFi? A PL Blog with RSS? A Tech Training program that ROCKS? Let me know — Comment here! Shoot me an e-mail (mstephens7 (at) mac.com) or comment here and we’ll talk. The Submissions page is here. FEEL FREE […]

Evaluating LIS Weblogs

I updated a handout from last year this morning after chatting with Karen about this important facet of Weblog training. I’ll use it in February for a class I just scheduled at the Purdue library. It’s one thing to say to classes “Look at all the stuff you can get to via RSS!” but we must also remember to give folks tools to choose the LIS weblogs right for them. I incoprated some of the excellent work by Laurel Clyde and updated the banner. Take a look — and use it if you’d like! http://www.tametheweb.com/presentations/EvaluatingLISWeblogs.pdf