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SJCPL IM Stats (Updated)

Maire informs me that we have had 75 Instant Message reference transactions here at SJCPL fomr September 2004 to January 2005 — no too shabby considering we have not publicized the ASK SJCPL Service at all — no cards, no bookmarks, etc… just this page. For a detailed examination, click here: http://www.skagirlie.net/wpblog/index.php?p=142

For your listening pleasure

Karen’s Podcast : http://freerangelibrarian.com/archives/020105/podcasting_test.php I love this post! It includes a wonderful list of TTT’s that sound much like poetry…check it out! Greg’s 2nd Podcast: http://openstacks.net/os/os_podcast_2.mp3 Well done… open source theme music, user audio comments and a look at what podcasting is! Greg says: “We are creating audio content..and syndicating it..” I totally get how syndicating audio content for a library could provide dynamic content… check it out and ponder!