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Time For a Cool Change

I begin six weeks leave of absence today from SJCPL! Wowza! I am hitting the road for ten days in Traverse City this afternoon…for some much needed unpluggedness and some prep time for a very busy stint in June: Reinventing Libraries workshop, workshops with the Purdue Library (blogs), the Darien, Connecticut Public Library (blogs & IM), the start of the summer session at UNT and ALA! I’ll be blogging after the Memoiall Day weekend! Enjoy the Weekend! Unplug! Best to you all

Feeling Oh So Good!

Please add The Feel Librarian to your subscriptions… she never ceases to amaze me by writing about the profession in her own unique way. It’s all about people folks! (Sometimes techno-anything gets in the way of remembering we meet a lot of PEOPLE across these desks…FGL reminds me of that!)

Talkin’ About Presence: Hennepin Co PL Extranet

Check it out: Glenn peterson pointed me to this site to check out his full PPT from IOLUG. What strikes me is this is an excellent example of presence and transparency! The page reads in part: “Welcome to Hennepin County Library’s extranet. Here we offer a sampling of resources from our staff intranet and public web site to the broader library community. We welcome your comments and suggestions.” How wonderful is it to share stuff on the system level with other libraries and librarians! Not only does this promote staff achievement but it promotes the library as an active […]

Bill Drew on IM

Wow! Via Stephen: Bill Drew has posted a chapter on IM in Libraries:

Music Like Water…Reigning Down*

On the way back from Indy Friday, I finished up the David Allen book David King suggested. It was incredible! Then I switched the iPod over to The Future of Music : Manifesto for the Digital Music Revolution by Dave Kusek, Gerd Leonhard. I only made it through the first hour or so but let me recommend this title to all librarians who want a glimpse of what the future of music and content dlelivery might be! The more I think about it, the more I discuss it with my colleague Joe Sipocz (who gets stuff like this) and the […]

NPR Piece on Podcasting & Apple Podcast News And Jobs reports iTunes will have built in podcast support! Apple CEO Steve Jobs told the assembled crowd at “D3: All Things Digital,” that Apple would add Podcasting support to its next version of iTunes (4.9), which is due within 60 days. Apple will also be launching a service that will allow users to upload Podcast content — Apple will then choose which content it will make available through iTunes, people at the event told MacCentral. Jobs also indicated that Apple had 70 percent market share for downloaded music.