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Great Survey Stats for IM, VR and Podcasting

Via Sherri, who totally gets it! Chad F. Boeninger reports on a survey of students! Take a look…there’s good data and loads of food for thought. Working with Purdue has me thinking about serving students in the acedemic setting. All the Millennial stuff…all the gamer stuff apllies here as well. http://libraryvoice.com/archives/2005/06/03/im-virtual-reference-podcasting/

Future of Music

I want to write a post about this soon because I finished the book yesterday, but for now: The Future of Musis Site: http://www.futureofmusicbook.com/ First Chapter Online: http://www.themusic.com.au/im_m/archive/2005/050503-453_guests.php Quickly: if you want a very possible glimpse into our future as providers of entertainment and information, give this one a read!