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Hidden Peanuts Makes My Day I need to add a number eleven to my list of ten things I learned at ALA: I am truly excited about being a librarian. I can say without hyperbole that going into this field is the best decision I?ve ever made. I won?t make as much money as I would in the IT sector, but I get to actually meet and help real human beings – on a minute to minute basis. I get to make their lives just a little bit easier. And I get to love what I?ll do! I haven?t always been quite so excited. […]

Pictures worth 1000 Words

Here are some flickr sets of the incredible experiences I had at ALA. I am now at the lake, PLUGGED in via a new internet service and setting to work on summer courses. I have a few posts about ALA, etc that will be forthcoming. For now, let’s have these images tell their own stories… LIS Blogger’s Roundtable for Library Journal OCLC LIS Blogger’s Salon TTW @ ALA

Millennial Librarians Training the Boomer Librarians

Skagirlie ponders: And I wonder, as she does, if this is a global thing. We had a wave a few years ago of embracing the Web as a one way information tool (for the most part) and now social software, such as blogs, IM, flickr, etc, (as well as Gaming which can really heat things up) has created a whole new divide between the Millennial librarians who ache to implement and use these hot tools and the Boomer Libs who proceed with caution and possibly trepidation. Thoughts?

Reinventing Libraries Session 3

This is a catch up post. On June 8, Sharon and Dan Wiseman and I finished up our three workshop series “Reinventing Libraries” for the Indiana Cooperative Library Service Authority. It was most thought-provoking and engaging! We started with an “around the room” asking folks what they had done since we started in April. Answers included: Loaded IM on all public computers so library patrons can use their screenames One person said “I now get 95% of my news from blogs” One person started a blog We also discussed the unintended consequences of technology, specifically all the planning that went […]


LibraryMan tagged me! Here goes: Total Volume of music files on my computer: 5568 Songs, 18 days, 31.11GB The last CD I Bought Was: Moby “It’s Raining Again” UK CD Single The last Song I bought at iTunes was: “I’ll Give You My Skin” Indigo Girls & Michael Stipe Song playing right now: “Farmer’s Daughter” Fleetwood Mac Tusk (Bonus Material/Demos, Roughs, and Outtakes) Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me: Mean a lot: 1. ?Sara” Fleetwood Mac “All I ever wanted was to know that you were dreaming…and the wind became crazy…” 2. […]

Video on Demand via OverDrive “OverDrive, a provider of download audio books and ebooks for libraries, has announced the addition of Video on Demand services and materials to its Digital Library Reserve network. With the new VoD service library patrons will be able to access digital video from anywhere in the world via an Internet connected PC.” I’ll say just this for now: “Music & Video…like water…raining down…”