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Traverse Area Library Debuts WiFi Guide for Area

http://www.tadl.org/wireless/map/ Traverse Area District Library is my library away from home! Jeff, in IT there, IMs on occasion to let me know what’s happening. This just debuted! What a great service provided by the library that reaches out into the community using some pretty nice techie tools.Not only are library hotspots listed, but other free ones as well. I asked Jeff what their goals were. He said: “We had a few goals in mind: 1. provide our patrons with an accurate list of free hotspots in the area 2. gain additional real-world experience with (buzzword alert) AJAX, XML, XSLT, the […]

Update: My Students are BLOGGING!

I know I’ve mentioned that I’m teaching at Dominican University SLIS this fall. One thing I really wanted to do with this group was introduce them to the Biblioblogosphere as readers and bloggers! From this came an assignment: they all got Blogger blogs the first weekend of class. Their task: 5 blog posts about libraries, technology and the Web! Natalie agreed to let me post a link to her site as a sample..and note her links to many other members of the class. these folks are doing well! http://whomovedmylibrary.blogspot.com/ Update: Rick made a great comment and I wanted to put […]