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And so it begins: Video and Creation of Content I got a note in my Mac feeds this morning about Veoh. Veoh Networks today made available more than 3,000 videos for download and transfer to Apple’s latest iPod. Veoh allows anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to broadcast their own TV show, or channel of shows, in full-screen television quality. Individuals and companies are broadcasting compelling content — from original cartoons, like Superman and Popeye, to comedies like The Three Stooges, feature-length films, and more than 10,000 user-produced videos. 10,000 user-produced videos! This is coming on fast, dear readers. Are we ready for the users that […]

Tech Day for Panhandle Library Access Network As new technologies become available, how do we effectively plan in libraries? How do we plan to optimize staff, money, and time? How do we determine what’s important? This interactive workshop presented by Michael Stephens, author of the Tame the Web Blog and contributor to ALA’s TechSource Blog, will offer insights for planning, projects, and detail the hot technologies libraries are grappling with today. I’m looking forward to a few days in Florida in January! Hope to see you there!

Ontario Library Association: The Blog People: Librarians Generating Content And Communication

Ontario Library Association Superconference Frida, February 3, 2006 3:45-5:00 Publishing; Blogging; Communication THE BLOG PEOPLE: LIBRARIANS GENERATING CONTENT AND COMMUNICATION Michael Stephens, Special Projects Librarian Concerning itself with recent research concerning blogs, librarians and libraries, this session focuses on this powerful content management tool. We’ll examine successful library initiatives, librarians who blog and the thriving community of practice created in this virtual environment. Get a big picture view of biblioblogosphere.

Ontario Library Association: Technology And Education: Are Library Schools Doing An Adequate Job?

Ontario Library Association Superconference Friday February 2, 2006 9:05-10:20 Technology and Education; Library Schools; Career Issues TECHNOLOGY AND EDUCATION: ARE LIBRARY SCHOOLS DOING AN ADEQUATE JOB? Mary Cavanagh, SmartLibrary Project Coordinator, Doctoral candidate in Information Science; Jenny Levine, Internet Development Specialist; Michael Stephens of Tame the Web, Doctoral candidate in Information Science How are new MLS graduates getting the technology background needed for real life applications in libraries? Are they learning on the job or are library schools adequately preparing students? The latest Canadian study “The Future of Human Resources in Canadian Libraries”, known colloquially as the 8Rs study, lists […]

More on Blogging Schools: A Comment to Note Infomancy picked up on the prevoious post about Margaret Lincoln’s blog project. Here’s the entry – and the comment, which does my heart good. (Bolding is mine) School Library Blogging Michael Stephens writes at Tame the Web about the use of educational blogging to connect schools in Michigan and New York. What was really great to see in his coverage of an article from the Battle Creek Enquirer, was that the teacher in Michigan knew to go to her school librarian to have the blog set up. Why? Because blogs, like libraries, are about the information and the conversation; […]

Schools Use Blogs for “Night” Project

Battle Creek Enquirer – – Battle Creek, Mich. “It gives students the chance to talk to other students from another part of the country, a place they may or may not be familiar with,” said Carol Terberg, Lakeview English teacher. “Mrs. Lincoln (Margaret Lincoln), our librarian, set it up for us. I’ve asked my students what’s been the most meaningful activities with the book and they’ve said the blog.” Margaret. Lincoln is in school with me at UNT and I’m so happy to see that she’s incorporated blogs into her work at the school! What an incredible idea to […]