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Digital Creation Stations

This blows me away. It says what I’ve been trying to articulate here and in talks. We need spaces in our libraries for collaboration and experience with Web 2.0 tools. Thomas Frey offers the same suggestion in his piece on the Future of Libraies, that we all should read over and discuss in our respective staff meetings. http://www.davinciinstitute.com/page.php?ID=120 Experiment with creative spaces so the future role of the library can define itself. Since the role of the library 20 years from now is still a mystery, we recommend that libraries put together creative spaces so staff members, library users, and […]

Meredith & Karen Address the IT Dept

” It seems like at a lot of schools, the IT department controls every technology choice. Rather than educating faculty members on how to create wikis and blogs and use other cool technologies in the classroom, they keep faculty on a tight leash.” Meredith Farkas “One key justification for using virtual reference software rather than instant messaging software, shared with me at the state conference last week, is that many city IT departments don’t allow IM software. Which leads me to conclude: 1. Many city IT departments are too godlike, 2. Many libraries are unable to effectively work with IT […]