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5 More Factors for Effective Library Web Sites

See this for the first 5 factors! Watch Open Source applications closely I didn’t bring this out as much as I should have in my post at ALA TechSource, but other folks did which I appreciate! I am fascinated by what’s happening with Open Source and, ILS Vendors forgive me, I would be tickled to see a project like Georgia’s Evergreen take off and be implemented in libraries everywhere, supported by a thriving community of OS Librarians. Think about it…pretty hot in my book. See ya Innovative…Hello Evergreen! Want customized RSS or other new features? Hold a hackfest and make […]

David King Talks to Rhapsody

http://daweed.blogspot.com/2005/11/music-access-and-libraries-still-long.html David King outlines what he’d like from music providers for libraries: digital music for library patrons ability to listen in the library ability to listen at home, using the library’s authentication ability to download to a portable device We need all this to be an annual library system subscription, rather than a normal, individual subscription Excellent list. I’m glad he started this conversation and it’s intriguing the Rhapsody rep “stated that they “probably haven’t considered” that type of model.” I’d be interested in what the other providers (especially Apple’s iTunes) have to say about this model. It’s nice to […]