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The Unintended Consequences of Social Software (or Putting Yourself Out There)

With all of this talk about Social Software, it strikes me how much stuff we actually put out online for others to discover, discuss and develop into their own stuff. It’s like a huge ocean of folks’ professional and personal information, that some have found to be useful and somewhat addictive! I’m amazed by the glimpses into our lives we put forth — especially with flickr. We see folks’ homes, spouses/SOs, families, children, cars, dogs, cats, vacations, as well as happy times and moments of intense heart-breaking emotion. Throughout the Public Libraries track at IL05, many of the speakers referred […]

A Note of Thanks

Isn’t it astounding how so many people have been able to have a voice, and share, and collaborate, and work toward common goals in these spaces this year? I have met so many incredible, brilliant folks. So many wonderful experiences played out as well. I am truly grateful to have been involved. What a crazy year this has been. I want to thank all the folks who have inspired me and supported me through school, blogging, conferences writing and work. You know who you are. “All I ever wanted was to know that you were dreaming…”