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More on Blogging Schools: A Comment to Note

http://schoolof.info/infomancy/?p=104 Infomancy picked up on the prevoious post about Margaret Lincoln’s blog project. Here’s the entry – and the comment, which does my heart good. (Bolding is mine) School Library Blogging Michael Stephens writes at Tame the Web about the use of educational blogging to connect schools in Michigan and New York. What was really great to see in his coverage of an article from the Battle Creek Enquirer, was that the teacher in Michigan knew to go to her school librarian to have the blog set up. Why? Because blogs, like libraries, are about the information and the conversation; […]

Schools Use Blogs for “Night” Project

Battle Creek Enquirer – www.battlecreekenquirer.com – Battle Creek, Mich. “It gives students the chance to talk to other students from another part of the country, a place they may or may not be familiar with,” said Carol Terberg, Lakeview English teacher. “Mrs. Lincoln (Margaret Lincoln), our librarian, set it up for us. I’ve asked my students what’s been the most meaningful activities with the book and they’ve said the blog.” Margaret. Lincoln is in school with me at UNT and I’m so happy to see that she’s incorporated blogs into her work at the school! What an incredible idea to […]

Morphing into a Librarian

Wired News: Tags Sort Out Music Mess Nice piece at Wired about tagging music collections: To compensate, programmers invented tags, which are pieces of text and graphics that live in the MP3 file and can be parsed by most jukebox players. Tags that are complete and well-organized make it possible to find the perfect song to fit the mood of your intimate dinner party or Dionysian rager. Anything short of that and your guests will long have departed by the time you’ve located the tune. Soon enough, my hobby as a music collector morphed into one of a librarian.