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Future ALA president is Blogging

Via Alan Gray of the Darien Library in Connecticut: President-elect Leslie Burger has returned to blogging. This is good on so many levels. It makes me happy to see our incoming president try one of the Web 2.0 tools on for size. I hope I bump into her someday at a conference and we get to talk about blogs, etc. I’m sure it won’t be like when TTW met Michael Gorman in March 2005. http://burgerforala.blogs.com/burger_for_ala/ I especially like “Talking to Strangers on Buses” – I’ve done that myself at ALA! She writes: I love to chat people up on the […]

Making Things Simpler

Via the Clio Institute Blog: An article from Fast Company magazine (which I would add to the list of magazines NOT related to libraries we should be reading!) has an article called The Beauty of Simplicity. The jist? Making technology simple so folks use it! ” If the equation T (technology) + E (ease of use) = $ can be proven, the time may be right for the voice of the technologically challenged who can’t operate their remotes to be heard.” Read the Clio post and the article… good stuff to think about!

SJCPL Subject Guide WIKI Goes Live Today! Check It Out!

http://www.libraryforlife.org/subjectguides/index.php/Main_Page Our Reference Librarians and Web Developer are hard at work on this new project! And let me be the first to say they are making great strides to move SJCPL toward Library 2.0! What you’ll find is librarian created subject pages in the grand tradition of Kansas City PL via a Mediawiki installation. All of the staff have been trained and are creating pages in their areas of interest and expertise. It gets me going! Our library users will be able to get logins and post under the TALK tabs. Let the conversations begin! Give it look sometime and […]