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Videocasting at Delft PL

Jaap van de Geer, Delft Public Library ( and blogger at reports on his library’s work with videocasting. A recent trip to Ireland/Dublin/Trinity College for a music festival was not only a great experience but an opportunity to create some videocasts for the library Web site at, see the bottom right of the page. He reported via email: “We also organized an amazing summercamp. That video is also online (no dutch, pure expressions), the response of the kids and their parents was heartwarming. I think videocasting is a tool we should use much much more to appeal to […]

TTW Mailbox: Sharing iTunes & Copyright

Joshua Zehner, Assistant System Administrator at the Fulton County Public Library in Rochester, IN, writes: Hey, I was surfing you flickr account and I found those pictures from Cherry Hill Public Library in NJ. I was really interested in the three or four photos of their “Listen Before You Borrow” station. Our library would love to do this expect there is one issue my boss has with it, copyrights. Is it legal to rip your collection onto a pc for everyone to listen to, but yet allow those same CD’s to be checked out at the same time? We would […]


Do you believe it? Lost on the train in Holland — at the end of the line no less, somehow the camera and phone disappeared in but were then turned in 2 weeks later. I received letters from the Dutch authorities, and passed them on to Rob Coers who had the items sent to his place in Holland. (It was easier than wiring over $100 have them shipped to me) I will get them from Rob when we meet in London in just a few days! Thanks Rob! The photo card has all the Holland trip pictures on it! Hooray!

Virtually in NZ!

I just finished up an hour talk on technology trends for the folks at the LIANZA meeting in Wellington. I was chatting with the audience via VoIP from my office on campus at Dominican. I shot some photos with the MacBook Pro as well: I’m fascinated by the fact that Timothy Grieg was taking pictures and within an hour had them up on Flickr, so I could see what the room and the projection looked like. The world seems very small when we can meet and chat across distance and time. I also added Timothy as a contact, favorited […]

Ten Things I Know About Libraries in 2006 (A Response to “Libraries are Obsolete”)

Are Libraries limited, obsolete? I don’t think so… Into my email box, from Nathan Rinne, Media Cataloging Technician at the Educational Service Center in Maple Grove, MN, comes a link to an opinion piece in the Lawrence, Kansas paper: I’ll quote a bit of it here, as author Mark Hirschey urges readers not to want a new downtown library because everything is online and young people aren’t using libraries. He offers three points: 1. Libraries are inefficient. Like me, kids seek fast, convenient access to up-to-date information. That’s available on the Internet. In this new information age, libraries are […]

Bruce Flanders, Director of Lawrence PL Responds

From comments left on my Ten Things I Know About Libraries in 2006 (A Response to “Libraries are Obsolete”) post: I am commenting in my role as Lawrence Public Library Director. The Lawrence Public Library is stagnant? The management and librarians don’t care? On the contrary, the Lawrence Public Library Board of Trustees, administrative team and staff are passionate about continually improving library service, and we have made huge strides in the past decade. We have set record levels for the circulation of library materials and user visits during the past eight years. This year, we will hit one million […]

Tech Tips for Every Librarian: Keeping Up With Keeping Up

In the October issue of CIL, Rachel helps librarians keep in the know: We can use blogs to market our institutions; we can also use them as an integral component in our personal professional development plans. Perhaps not surprisingly, many “techie” librarians tend to create blogs in their areas of expertise, and their blend of technological know-how and library-specific focus makes their blogs a great place to start a quest for technical knowledge. Due to the mechanics of publishing cycles, blogs also tend to report on technologies and their implementations in libraries before the traditional media. Select blogs based on […]

Upcoming Presentations (Fall Schedule)

Friday October 6, 2006. Keynote and Sessions, “Surveying the Library Technology Landscape,” “The Big Picture: Toward Library 2.0. Training, Technology, & Planning,” & “The User-Centric Library: What OCLC’s User Perceptions Report Means for Public Libraries,” Polaris Users Group Conference, Syracuse, NY. Monday, October 9, 2006 Library & Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa, Next Generation Libraries, “Ten Top Technologies for 2006” (Via the Web!) Wednesday, October 11, 2006. Technology Tools Workshop, Iowa Library Association Conference. Thursday, October 12, 2006. Keynote, Library 2.0: Planning, People, & Participation, Iowa Library Association Conference. October 15 & 16, Internet Librarian International, London, England: […]

The World is Flat Revisited Will Richardson returns to TWIF: I’m in the throes of research for a next book, and I’ve been going back to my highlighted, starred, underlined, exclamation pointed parts of The World is Flat in my idea collection process. I’m impressed at how well the implications for education seem to be holding together. Anyway, I came across this one starred part that I hadn’t remembered, a section titled “From Command and Contral to Collaborate and Connect.” I’m going to sub-in some of my own phrasing in italics, but I think there’s an interesting point made here: This is what happens […]