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Meme: Passion Quilt or What I Want for New Librarians*

  I owe Kathryn Greenhill an apology. She tagged me in this meme while I was in Australia and I’ve been catching up ever since we got back. The meme: Post a picture from a source like FlickrCC or Flickr Creative Commons or make/take your own that captures what YOU are most passionate about for kids to learn about…and give your picture a short title. If you’ve heard me speak in the last year or so, you know I always end with three of the statements in the picture. I usually say that “in a nutshell” what I want for […]

Library Board Members or Trustees Blogging?

In the last three weeks, I’ve presented a special version of the Hyperlinked Library to groups of administrators and board members/trustees around northern Illinois. One question came up a few times: Are there any library board members or trustees blogging? Please comment if you know of one – AND maybe it’s time for someone in those groups to start! I know there are some rules/laws about what board members can say, etc.. but some tpe of bloging would be okay, wouldn’t it?

McHenry County Librarians

Great Crowd, originally uploaded by mstephens7. A big Thank You to the folks in McHenry County, Illinois. Thursday night I spoke to the directors and trustees and Friday morning we had a great group at the Woodstock Opera House for “The Hyperlinked Library.” I met librarians from Woodstock, Cary, Crystal Lake and other nearby communities.

Quote of the Day from Will Richardson

http://weblogg-ed.com/2008/quote-of-the-day-new-knowledge/ From “Collective Intelligence: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace” (600+ page .pdf) comes this passage by Robert Steele in his essay “Creating a Smart Nation:” Published knowledge is old knowledge: The art of intelligence in the 21st Century will be less concerned with integrating old knowledge and more concerned with using published knowledge as a path to exactly the right source or sources that can create new knowledege tailored to a new situation, in real time.” While this is in the context of national security and intelligence, I think it’s applicable to the ways in which we think about networked learning, […]

“I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling” – Doing Something with Feedback

Library Revolution ponders “one point that kept coming up at Computers in Libraries is the importance of not asking for feedback unless you actually intend on doing something with it.” http://libraryrevolution.com/2008/04/15/feedback-followthrough-and-rick-astley/ When you ask your staff, users, and colleagues for feedback, are you prepared to do something with that feedback? Do you have a mechanism in place for handling suggestions in a productive way? Are you ready to encourage the development of the ideas offered up, constructively criticize, and put forth the effort necessary to transform raw ideas into effective, creative, and innovative efforts? How do you prove that the suggestions […]

SJCPL News: Library cuts summer hours to reduce expenses

Margaret Fosmoe writes at the South Bend Tribune: (Link will expire very soon) The county library plans to cut service hours, purchases and staff by 12 percent this year and 12 percent in 2009. Staff will be reduced through attrition and not layoffs, Napoli said. The summer Saturday closings will help achieve the goal of fewer service hours, thus reducing salaries and utilities, he said. Very similar to what ACPL has planned. I feel bad for Indiana libraries. Didn’t the folks in charge down in Indy realize how the prperty tax reform would mess with library budgets? Do they care? Library […]