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The Reference Blog: Evidence for Success

Stephen Francouer writes about the usefulness of his library’s Reference Blog: I am really pleased with the way that our library’s reference blog,Reference at Newman Library, has continued to thrive after being launched four years ago. We’ve now posted over 1300 messages (and hundreds of comments, too); our weekly average is about a dozen posts. When we started the blog, it was intended to do away with the informal and haphazard systems we had to notify each other at the desk of technical problems and to alert each other to new resources and tools. We had been using: notes taped […]

The Hyperlinked Library: Trustees

In the last two weeks, I’ve had the honor to address groups of library administrators and trustees. It’s been a lot of fun — and thought-provoking – to discuss cultural technology shifts with them. Here are the slides I’ve been using: The Hyperlinked Library (Trustees)

Dominican Graduate Schools Commencement May 2008

Dominican Graduate Schools Commencement May 2008, originally uploaded by mstephens7. Congratulations to all of the Dominican GSLIS graduates! Leah kindly posed with me at the after party. I had a bit of a moment, realizing that she was in my very first LIS701 class the semester I started teaching full time in Fall 2006. Fresh from her undergrad, she jumped right into our program, was featured in the “If You’re not Gaming, You’re Losing” video and she just got a job! Again: Congrats to Leah and all of our GSLIS students. Go forth!