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Finding Balance

5 Tips to Help You Live a Well-Balanced Life: http://www.divinecaroline.com Tip # 2: Learn Healthy Coping Strategies Living a balanced life means that it’s important to learn healthy coping strategies. We all get overwhelmed from time to time so we need to know how to deal with stress and issues as they arise. One way to do this is by recording stressful events, your reaction to it, and how you could have reacted in a journal. The whole piece is straight forward and useful. This might be good for some personal reading or for sharing with your team or department.

Napster Launches MP3 Store

Some synchronicity with the last post about Netflix: http://www.macworld.com/article/133531/2008/05/napster.html The Napster MP3 store has over 6 million songs that will be sold without any Digital Rights Management (DRM). This allows customers purchasing music from Napster to load their songs on virtually any MP3 player, including Apple’s iPod and iPhone. Songs on Napster’s download store will sell for 99 cents and albums will cost $9.95 — pretty much the same price as Apple’s pricing on iTunes. Currently Apple’s FairPlay DRM restricts the number of computers a user can have registered to play songs purchased from the iTunes Store, a restriction some […]

Netflix Streaming Box

File this under AV Trendspotting and watch how this emerging application/technology changes consumer consumption of digital content: While appearing to have double the collection of Apple TV of Vudu, what do you get in Netflix’s 10,000 movie collection? Basically, you get a lot of back catalog (classic movies) and a lot of TV shows (unheard of in rental situations!) right as they hit the market. But you don’t get the same blockbusters on day one release that you’d get from Apple TV or VuDu. That makes the Netflix box and disc system a great supplement to those systems, which seem […]