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Not For Children

Not For Children, originally uploaded by herzogbr. Brian Herzog writes: These are the signs next to the button that automatically opens the Library’s front doors, to provide easy entrance to people who have trouble opening the door. As the comment mentioned, it of course is a great play thing for children. I don’t know how effective our signs are, but I have a feeling that the big arrow is probably irresistible to kids – even those who can’t read. But I think signs, in general, are band-aids, and a real solution (or the real problem) lies in the very design. […]

Summer Reading – My READ Poster

From Spider Lake, just three of the books I devoured this summer. Thanks ALA! Please make your own and put it on Flickr. I can’t wait to see everyone’s choices… Via Jenny: One of the fun projects I’ve gotten to shepherd at work is now available for you to play with – the READ Mini Poster Generator. It’s just like the generators on fd’s Flickr Toys because it was created by John Watson, Mr. fd himself. Choose from one of four templates and just click the button to upload a picture from your hard drive. (One hint – leave some room above your […]

Columbus Library Gaming Programs in News

Via ALA Direct: Libraries’ Video Games are Teen Magnet “Gaming is storytelling for teenagers,” said Julie Scordato, a teen-services specialist for Columbus’ libraries. “You get to mingle, play and talk, and you get to really know them. Then when you suggest a book, they listen.” The American Library Association considers Columbus’ system one of the top innovators in electronic amusement and has invited Scordato to join a panel to develop guidelines on how best to use video games in libraries. The association also plans to study how video games affect literacy and problem-solving skills, using a $1 million grant from […]

More Flickr Partners

Via Open Access News: New partners for Flickr Commons The George Eastman House and the Bibliothèque de Toulouse have joined Flickr Commons and will provide OA to some of their images there. (Thanks to Boing Boing.) The Biblioteca de Arte-Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian is also providing access to part of its collection on Flickr, though not as part of Flickr’s The Commons project. The images are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license (images in the Commons are in the public domain). (Thanks to Patrick Peccatte.)

Michael Casey on Privacy and Failure

When a library customer comes into our building and makes use of our resources and services, we extend to that user a shield of privacy so long as they agree not to violate our policies or the law. The protective shield of privacy can only be pierced when the individual violates the contract regarding use. If we, the library, witness the violation then it is incumbent upon us to take proper and appropriate action. However, if an outside agency, such as the FBI, comes to us and claims that a law was broken and that we need to turn over […]