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Library Staff Day at Douglas County Libraries

2008.05.16.0014c, originally uploaded by Douglas County History Research Center. Caught these pictures today in Flickr and immediately emailed to get the okay to “Blog This.” I also asked about how these great photos came about. Cecily North, Assistant Archivist at the Douglas County Libraries wrote right back: Douglas County libraries holds a district-wide staff day every other year and on their off years each branch has a staff day. The branch the History Research Center is located in, in Castle Rock, decided to go with a theme of pirates this year. The center is a district-wide function even though we […]

CeLIBration Time Again at Georgia Tech

Brian Mathews writes: Yes, it is CeLIBration time again. Our annual welcome event for freshmen the Saturday before the Fall semester starts. Past CeLIBrations I have to be honest– I wasn’t really feeling it this year. Don’t get be wrong, we’ve had some great events over the years, but with the wedding and book deadline in September, my heart wasn’t into it. But then I looked at the line up and we have a lot of cool games. This might actually be our best one yet. I am totally in now. Dodgeball Tournament Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament (there are actually leagues: video) […]

TTW Mailbox: Rethinking Libraries

Liz Delzell, YS Library Assistant at Fox River Grove Memorial Library sent along this link:     Rethinking Libraries By ana    For her senior thesis project, Valerie Madill reconsidered how design could make using the library more engaging and easier. She used half-wrap labels that would unify a particular subject by color as well as provide a consistent place for relevant information about each book. The result is a more sensual, desirable library experience that could draw more people to libraries and make find material more intuitive. As library geeks, this is the kind of design and creative thinking that makes P+P […]

Keeping the Library Relevant: A Visit to Georgia Tech Library

Bob also outlined some organizational changes–staff across the library were “repurposed” as 8 service points were reduced to 3. Fox, Mathews and the other folks at Tech took the important step of convening a focus group to ask students what they wanted in the library. The list Bob shared was fascinating: Students want a comfortable, attractive space Students want refreshments Students want access to all types of  information technology in library space Students want flexible space for use in the library Want to feel ownership of the library These results lead to the creation of spaces in the Learning Commons East […]

LibraryThing API!

Nicole writes: This is so awesome!!! Introducing the LibraryThing Web Services API. The API will eventually do many things. For starters it includes all of the data in LibraryThing’s Common Knowledge project, our groundbreaking “fielded wiki” for interesting book information (see original blog post). It includes fields like series, important characters, important places, author dates, author burial places, agents, edits, etc. If you’re interested in building or enhancing book-data applications, this should be very interesting. Common Knowledge is always in progress, but the results so far have been quite impressive. Members have made over 500,000 edits, and certain data types have become exceedingly useful and […]


Aurora (Part 1) from Adaptive Path on Vimeo. Via TechCrunch.  Aurora is a concept video exploring one possible future user experience for the Web, created by Adaptive Path as part of the Mozilla Labs concept series. For more, visit

Freedom to Install

Kyle, a TTW contributor, blogs at The Corkboard: As I gear up to do the annual fall round of computer imaging/updates to all the public terminals it gives me time to reflect on MPOW’s approach to academic computing: if they need it, get it for ‘em. Our library has full control over our default setup for our machines, including: Operating system choices (XP, Vista, or, heck, why not both?) Browsers, we’ve got three! (FF, IE7, Safari, and we’d add more if requested) Open-source goodness (7Zip, Nvu, Open-Office, etc.) Office suite, we run ‘03 and ‘07 (and we’re the only place […]