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From the Director’s Desk

http://plainfieldlibrarydirector.blogspot.com/ The Parking Question The parking question arises quickly when talking to those who live in the downtown area or who frequent downtown businesses. It comes in several variations: Is the Library going to build a parking deck? Is the Village going to build a parking deck? Couldn’t the Library put in underground parking? Can the Library buy (insert property name/address here) to build more parking? Can the Village buy (insert property name/address here) to build more parking? Now, I cannot speak for the Village beyond reporting what was said at the Site Feasibility Committee meetings. Those meeting notes are […]

Brian Kenney on ALA Setting Content Free

http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/article/CA6590041.html So if you’re a member of one youth division in the American Library Association (ALA), then you can’t read the literature from the other divisions, much of which might be highly relevant to your work. Unless, of course, you join the division; take out a subscription; get a friend to send it to you, like we did in the old days; or have access to the right subscription databases. I’m surprised ALA—which brought us $259 preconferences—hasn’t created a way for its members to buy articles from the other divisions, but it’s probably just a matter of time. Go deeper and the […]

Buildings need to Inspire

http://education.guardian.co.uk/librariesunleashed/story/0,,2274826,00.html Colleges and universities are on a similar learning curve. Today’s student population is more diverse, it demands e-learning and online resources including Web 2.0 technologies, and has higher expectations of physical space. Meanwhile, researchers and academics are calling for better access to digital resources. With so much information coming to students online through various fixed and mobile devices, universities and colleges need well-designed work and study spaces. Libraries are leading the way in developing innovative learning spaces in which people can make productive use of powerful combinations of information and technologies on their desktop – including communication and collaborative […]

On SOPAC, Change and Mr. John Blyberg

I really unplugged for Labor Day weekend, my last 3 days up north. But I was up early today to check out the new Darien Library Web site and the new version of SOPAC from John Blyberg. Kathryn Greenhill posted “Almost Christmas in Libraryland…Ho Ho Ho Mr Blyberg,” and she sums it up well: So, what does it do? It will provide a discovery (search and display) layer that is independent of the Library Management System. As long as there is a connector written, it can sit over any LMS. The look can be customised to fit any theme or […]