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3 Peter Bromberg wirites: But I also think that librarians, at times, can be too knee-jerk about privacy issues, and I wonder if while looking at one end of the Facebook dustup (big corporation trampling on privacy rights) we might be missing some important lessons on the other end (big […]

What Libraries Can Learn from Facebook

18 David Silver writes: this semester, twitter is the main mode of communication used by my students and me. twitter has replaced at least three classroom technologies, and has streamlined our outside-the-classroom conversations and collaborations. twitter has replaced the class listserv. for years, i’ve used a listserv (alternatively called a mailing list […]

Twitter in the Classroom

February 28, 2009. The Hyperlinked Library Trustee. ILA Trustees Conference, Lisle, Illinois March 10, 2009. The Hyperlinked Library: Trends, Tools, Transparency. Maricopa County Library Council Continuing Education Committee Program, Phoenix, Arizona March 11, 2009: “Managing Electronic Information Resources* in a 2.0 World” Workshop, Arizona State Library. March 20, 2009: Northbrook Public Library […]

Upcoming Presentations

I realized I hadn’t blogged this, but my article “The Pragmatic Biblioblogger: Examining the Motivations and Observations of Early Adopter Librarian Bloggers” is in Internet Reference Services Quarterly, Vol. 13, Issue 4, p311-345. It’s been a long time since November 2005 when 238 hearty bibliobloggers took my survey. The changes since then […]

The Pragmatic Biblioblogger is in IRSQ

Do not miss: Ten Essentials for Any Library Site A favorite of mine: Feedback The web site is an excellent venue to solicit ideas, concerns, compliments, and complaints, but don’t merely provide users with a form. Dedicate a section on your site to posting user feedback along with the […]

More from Mathews: Ten Essentials for Any Library Site

Take a look at the pre-print articles he has in the queue: I’m enjoying his original voice and insights – especially about the use of social tools by libraries. Take a look at the pre-prints. These pieces will surely be often-cited  as soon as they are published.

Brian Mathews’ Column in Journal of Web Librarianship