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Our Main Purpose

From Chapter 3 “Human Rights, Democracy and Librarians” by Kathleen de la Pena McCook & Katharine Phenix in The Portable MLIS: If librarians don’t keep touching base, looking back, remembering the big picture of our main purpose, which is to keep information freely flowing, take tax dollars, and give our communities (in the broadest sense) what they want and what they need, we will lose it all. We will overdue fine our public until they don’t dare come in, buy books the loudest patrons clamor for until we have created a library just for the few and the loudest. We […]

Podcasting Roundup @ TechSource

http://www.alatechsource.org/blog/2009/01/podcast-tech-roundup.html Don’t miss this outstanding post by Jason Griffey highlighting how easily librarians can contribute to the conversation via these tools. This is a roadmap for creating programming for users – teaching them how to do it as well as a cost-effective plan for those librarians interested in audio: The Core Nothing really happens without my Black Macbook 13″, running OS X 10.5.6. For actual audio capture, I love the simplicity of¬†Audacity. I’ve done some capture in Garageband before, and if its my own presentation I’m trying to record, I actually use the built-in record feature of Keynote. But for […]

Laptops, Council & Students: ALA TechSource Post

The flurry of excited “Yes I used my laptop for council business and so much more” messages like these has been encouraging. It reminded me that I also need to encourage laptop use in all of my classes for many of the same reasons – especially Saturday/Sunday classes. We’ve seen an increase in student laptop use in our program. This weekend in LIS768, I had 5 Macs and at least that many PCs that students brought in to class. We actually ran out of outlets in the room! Using the tools of the trade if you will – for access […]