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No, you may not have a friendly chat with library staff

No, you may not have a friendly chat with library staff, originally uploaded by sirexkat. Kathryn Greenhill writes: Spearwood Library has been remodelled. They have added a half wall so that staff and patrons cannot make eye contact or see each other. It felt really dehumanizing to stand on one side of the barrier, centimetres from someone in a building built on service and not be able to smile or say hello. This is the first thing users see when they enter the library. I guess it is there to solve some perceived “problem”. Anyone want to have a guess […]

TTW Mailbox: More from Ohio

Patty Fonesca writes: Take a look at what Ohio’s public libraries are doing to garner support since we are facing up to 50% funding cuts: Save Ohio Libraries on Facebook already has over 1,800 members One library did this to draw attention to the issue: One library has a countdown clock: Ohio Library Council is recommending the use of social networking sites: Here at the Champaign County Library, we are using Facebook, our website, emails to patrons, etc.  Also, a patron is setting up a desk here at the library to assist others in learning about what […]

Kamaria visits Italy

Kamaria visits Italy, originally uploaded by teens_libraryloft. The Libraryloft writes: The loft is taking teens on a Virtual Vacation! Teens learned tips and tricks in using Photoshop and transported themselves to exotic locations. Great idea! Hey libraries – how else are you encouraging teen creativity this summer?

Australian Learning 2.0 Surveys Launched

Below is the text of our survey invitation for CAVAL. I wanted to share it here as well. If you are in Australia and would like to take the survey, please see this URL: I’m excited to see the project moving along. I also can’t believe how soon we’ll be leaving for five weeks Down Under – just three short months. I’m also excited that we’ve already gotten confirmation that we’ll be presenting preliminary results at the 2010 Public Library Association meeting in Portland! Dear Australian library colleagues, You may have seen the announcement earlier this year where I […]

The Tech Static

Sad news, Rachel Singer Gordon’s Tech Static is calling it quits.  Tech Static is/was an outstanding resource for reviews of technology books.  Anybody who has collected Dewey 000s knows just how difficult it is to find credible, reliable, and well written reviews of computer books. This is especially true for those who collect that area but do not have a formal background in technology, like me. I am also disappointed that we let the Tech Static die. Not enough people stepped up when Rachel asked for help. Perhaps you were like me and  had it on your to do list […]