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Upcoming Presentations

January 20, 2010: “Creative Collaboration and Immersive Engagement: The Hyperlinked Campus,” EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas. January 26, 2010: “Ten Trends & Technologies for 2010,” Education Institute, online program. February 11, 2010: “Measuring the Effect & Impact of Learning 2.0 Programmes in Australian Libraries,” with Warren Cheetham & Richard Sayers, VALA 2010, Melbourne, Australia. (Skype) Switzerland & Germany: March 8, 2010: Geneva: Program with AILIS librarians and tour of CERN March 9, 2010: Geneva: Tour of UN Library & program with senior librarians, followed by program at US Mission. March 10, 2010: Hamburg: The Hyperlinked Community Library at the Hamburg […]

Don’t Miss “The User Experience”

Aaron Schmidt has debuted a new column in Library Journal called “The User Experience.” http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6713142.html The opening is wonderful: The importance of user experience (UX) dawned on me one day when a patron asked to use the stapler kept in a drawer behind the reference desk. It wasn’t the first time anyone had asked to use the stapler—it wasn’t even the first time that day. Considering it a bit more, I realized that it happened all of the time. Suddenly, I couldn’t imagine what the stapler was doing in the drawer in the first place. I liberated the stapler from […]