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Thanks Ohio Library Council! Adopt or Adapt?

Thanks to all the great folks at the Ohio Library Council. I had a wonderful time in Dayton. My talk: Adopt or Adapt: Approaches to Emerging Tech and Trends Presenter: Michael Stephens, San Jose State University There’s no doubt about it. Library Information Science has become a technology-driven field. Information technology is impacting every industry right now, and libraries are no different. Note the influx of job descriptions for emerging tech librarians, user experience specialists, and others who guide technology-focused projects and departments. But, emerging tech is just one part of the bigger picture. The best librarians will be creative, […]

See You in Ohio! OLC Conference

Hi all! I am heading to Ohio tomorrow of the Ohio Library Council conference. I am doing two talks on Thursday. Hope to see you there! Please say hi!   Learning Everywhere: The Transformative Power of Hyperlinked Libraries Thurs., Oct. 8 | 10:15 a.m. Emerging technologies are changing the way we live and learn. Libraries can play a key role in this future. Imagine the evolving hyperlinked library as a creation space – community space – anything space. Imagine this library available everywhere via mobile devices and tablets. Imagine opportunities for user learning supported and facilitated by librarians. How will […]

News: Jen Waller, Miami Ohio Librarian, and Google Glass

Visions of the future: Waller was one of 8,000 “glassholes” selected to be among the first to play with the new gadget, with the winning tweet: “MT @glennplatt: #ifihadglass my students and I would show that learning is everywhere. We’d help lead our university redefine higher ed.” An innovation grant from the Miami University libraryfunded Waller’s purchase, but the Glass is hers to use, according to Library Coordinator of Strategic Communications Peter Thorsett. “The innovation grants allow employees to play around with new ideas like this,” Thorsett said. “We like to encourage that kind of work.” Though the Glass belongs […]

TTW Mailbox: More from Ohio

Patty Fonesca writes: Take a look at what Ohio’s public libraries are doing to garner support since we are facing up to 50% funding cuts: Save Ohio Libraries on Facebook already has over 1,800 members One library did this to draw attention to the issue: One library has a countdown clock: Ohio Library Council is recommending the use of social networking sites: Here at the Champaign County Library, we are using Facebook, our website, emails to patrons, etc.  Also, a patron is setting up a desk here at the library to assist others in learning about what […]

TTW Mailbox: Using Google Co-op in Ohio

Joel Husenits, Managing Editor at the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN), writes: The Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN) is using Google Co-op to power a search engine that searches all 251 Ohio public library websites. You can check it out at (we folded it into our existing “Find an Ohio Library” site). We thought other states and/or library systems might be interested in examples of localized custom search tools. Thanks Joel. I did some sample searches, including the above for “blogs.” Seems fluid and friendly. Nice! Have other libraries adopted this technology?

Notes & Quotes from the Ohio Library Council Management and Administration Conference

(Getting caught up on some posts here folks) A couple of weeks ago I spent some time in Columbus, Ohio for the Ohio Library Council Management and Administration Conference. My Opening General Session was “The User-Centric Library: What OCLC’s User Perceptions Report Means for Public Libraries,” where we mined some of the OCLC data and discussed ways to impriove the library brand, break down those pesky barriers and adopt a 2.0 philosophy (some of my talking points I’ve used in other talks as well). Another role I played was to move in and out of the various sessions and look […]

“Narrated by a Student” Ohio University Libraries Via Eric in my LIS701 Class: The library now has a new way for students to learn about the library. You can now borrow our iPod to take an audio tour around Alden. Simply stop by the Learning Commons Desk on the second floor of Alden to check out our iPod. The tour of all seven floors covers the basics of the library, and will take about 30 minutes to complete. If you already own an iPod or MP3 player, you can download the tour by following one of the links below. We currently have two versions of the […]

Project Info Lit: Grads Challenged by All They Need to Learn After College

Note from Michael. I was honored to serve on this project’s advisory board. I wrote about it in “Office Hours” here: Most of today’s college students who think they only need to land a good job once they graduate are blindsided by all they don’t know about life skills and surviving in the workplace once they’re out of college, according to a new national research report released today. “Clearly, a wide gap exists between the life skills grads have and the ones they still need to learn, ” said Alison J. Head, a principal research scientist at the University […]

From TTW: Happy Holidays & Thanks to All!

  Holiday Greetings to all and the very best to everyone for 2016! We’ll see you in January! Thanks so much to TTW readers, our excellent contributors, guest authors and all the folks I met in my travels this year! Shout out to these conferences and libraries for being so welcoming: Ontario Library Association, Toronto, Ontario. Alaska Library Association Conference, Juneau, Alaska. Connecticut Library Association Conference, Mystic, Connecticut, Prescott Valley, Arizona, for the Arizona Library Association. Grand Valley State University, Michigan Library Association. I LEAD USA, Springfield, Illinois. Prince William Public Library System, Virginia. Ohio Library Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio. Library 2.015 […]