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Blog Ethics!

Karen posted this yesterday — probably about the same time I was looking at it and pondering a blog post! Well done Karen! Follow the links in her post to the other links. I’m tickled to see a PhD candidate looking at Blog ethics. I am just forming my thoughts about LIS Weblogs, librarians and information for research and possibly my dissertation at UNT. Just scratching the surface with a literature review, Dr. Laurel Clyde’s book Libraries and Weblogs, and a first stab at a research proposal whets my appetite for more! David Weinberger, in the C-SPAN video, I […]

NYT Notes SJCPL Blogs! WooHooo!

Dateline December 9, 2004: New York Times story Libraries Reach Out, Online By TIM GNATEK mentions my very own SJCPL! This, my friends, is one more example that LIS Weblogs have arrived and are being noticed. “Posting electronic versions of libraries’ holdings is only part of the library’s expanding online presence. Library Web sites are becoming information portals. Many, like the Saint Joseph’s County Library in South Bend, Ind., have created Web logs as community outreach tools. Here’s the link (login required): I wish they would have linked to us but they didn’t. I womder how many folks may […]

BLOG : Word of the Year (BBC LinkVia and IM from skagirlie across 25 feet in our office…) Most cool. Blog is the most searched word on the Interent for 2004. Blogs have arrived! Is your library blogging? Is your library organization blogging? You should be!

Greg Schwartz on Library Blogs

Much discussion today at SJCPL about blogs… I took a look back at this: because Greg had such cool things to say in his talk.. If you haven’t read this one in awhile — or you never have — take a look! (And it’s at WebJunction!)

Jenny’s Thoughts for Blogging Libraries to Generate BUZZZZZZ

* Blogging humanizes a Web site, that’s missing in a lot of library blogs * Link virtual reference services in your blogs (Does SJCPL do this?) (YES we do!) * Treat community bloggers like memebers of the press. * Blog your statitics * Try a photoblog to let people see how cool things are at the library * Blog sites related to news stories and tell the newspaper * If you don’t have a blog, get one! It’s an information channel.