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TTW Endorsements for ALA Elections

Hello all! We usually have not endorsed too many folks over the years here at TTW, but this year here are some folks I’d urge you to vote for: Martin Garnar: I caught up with Martin at PLA and had a great chat with him about ethics and intellectual freedom.  We need his voice! Karen Schneider: “The user is not broken” still resonates. Karen’s reflections and thoughts about libraries, technology and our constituents speak to me. Please consider voting for them!

Happy Birthday Mr. Schu!

From  First Book: This Sunday is a very special day. It is the birthday of a friend of First Book and of mine, an inspired educator, blogger and children’s books advocate: John Schumacher, the man we all know as Mr. Schu. I knew of Mr. Schu long before we actually met. My already-high opinion of him (School Library Journal Mover-and-Shaker andcover boy that he is) went through the roof this summer as I received photos, videos, emails and tweets about his Adventures Out West, a kidlit roadtrip he took with many of his favorite new books in tow. Whether at the Grand Canyon or Las […]

Looking Back at TechSource: 5 Years of Blog Posts

I contributed my final post as a regular author this week at ALA TechSource. I must say it makes me a bit emotional but it’s time to move on to focus on other things. I thought I take this chance to point back to some of my favorite posts from the last 5 years of writing at TechSource. One of my favorite things to do was a “back and forth” interview/discussion style post. Here are some of the best of the best: John Blyberg: On the L2 Train | Information Experience Michael Casey: Where Do We Begin? | Better Library Services for More […]

You Can Do Magic & Signing Off ALA TechSource I’m moving on from writing blog posts for ALA TechSource. My final post went up today. I do plan to return on occasion as a guest blogger. Today’s post is about MAGIC: I also want to tell you a story about ten year old Michael. He really enjoyed afternoon reruns of shows like Gilligan’s Island, I Love Lucy and the like. A particular favorite, however, was I Dream of Jeannie. It was silly fun: a genie, a master and a Bottle. Do you remember the bottle? I do. I always wanted one. I daydreamed that the studio might someday […]

Geosocial Locations and Libraries

I have a new post up at ALA TechSource: It’s too early to gauge impact. Ed Baig of USA Today asked Lee Rainie at Pew about the low numbers and Rainie replied: “The overall number of users of location services is likely to grow over time as new services emerge, as ‘networking effects’ take hold when more and more people see their friends adopting them, as businesses tie location awareness to bargains and other customer experiences, and as people become more comfortable with what location awareness might bring to them.” It’s good to have an understanding. Some TechSource readers […]

Article: The Impact and effect of Learning 2.0 programs in Australian academic libraries

We just sent the revised draft to the New Review of Academic Librarianship. Here is the abstract: Replicated across the globe, the Learning 2.0 program – also known as “23 Things” – has been touted as a means to not only educate staff about emerging social technologies but as a means of moving the participating library forward. This paper explores the results of a multi-faceted research project launched in Australia in 2009 as part of the CAVAL Visiting Scholar program, focusing on academic library staff who have participated in a Learning 2.0 program. Measuring the impact on staff, examining perceptions of […]

Follow a Library Day at ALA TechSource Excerpt: What I appreciate the most about this project is their main goal is educating people about the benefits of following a library on Twitter. The group is aiming beyond our little online world of librarians and library folk and I think we should help them. What better way to do your own promotion for YOUR library’s Twitter feed than to play up this internationally organized day. Some off the cuff ideas whilst I continue to recuperate after that unfortunate dog-related injury: Embed the overview video in your library’s blog or Web site and write a little blurb about […]

Tech Trends at ALA TechSource

I couldn’t participate in the rescheduled ALA TechSource Webinar but I was able to contribute slides and some text. Tech Trend: Teaching & Learning in Flux View more presentations from Michael Stephens. Organizational Immersive Learning This subcategory addresses the outstanding success of the Learning 2.0 model of staff training: free, open, and inclusive. I was going to highlight my Australian research project sponsored by CAVAL. The foundation for this multi-dimensional study comes from the global replication of the program (1000 institutions and counting) and the words of Stephen Abram: ““I believe that this has been one of the most transformational […]

Interview with Smithsonian’s Michael Edson at ALA techSource MS: The connection between libraries and museums gets clearer and clearer to me, especially after my speaking trip to Germany. At our Stammtisch evening, I spent a long time chatting with a museum employee. Her take was this: “We have 30 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention. We can’t use a blog. We can’t create a social experience in that time…”  Then at UGUL, you said to the audience “We have competition from EVERYONE.” What can museums – and libraries – do in this time of great competition to meet the needs of users and non-users alike? How do […]

On ALA Emerging Leaders – Please Welcome TTW Contributor Justin Hoenke

Note from Michael: I’m serving as a mentor for ALA Emerging Leaders Group J this year. One of the members of this outstanding group is Justin Hoenke, who’s joining the TTW family as a contributor. This is his first post.   What does it mean to be an ALA Emerging Leader?  I’ve heard a lot of things come out of peoples’ mouths.  Some have told me that it’s just something fancy to put on my resume, others that it’s just a lot of work that will remind you of a library school project.  I’m not big on negativity, so I’ve […]