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Welcome to the TTW Test Podcast

I pondered this for two weeks..and decided to give my technology here at the house a whirl to see if I could produce a podcast. My topics: Call for speakers for Internet Librarian 2005 A look at the tools/skills of the “Up to Date” librarian and a plea to “sieze the day” Please let me know what you think. I’m still deciding if I like the format and how it might work in the LISBlogosphere.. Greg and Karen really inspred me. And it was made entirely on a MAC!

For your listening pleasure

Karen’s Podcast : I love this post! It includes a wonderful list of TTT’s that sound much like poetry…check it out! Greg’s 2nd Podcast: Well done… open source theme music, user audio comments and a look at what podcasting is! Greg says: “We are creating audio content..and syndicating it..” I totally get how syndicating audio content for a library could provide dynamic content… check it out and ponder!

Greg’s Podcast

I chatted this am with Greg Schwartz, who asked me what i thought of his podcast. “Be honest,” he said. I listened Tuesday while working on stuff at my desk and I enjoyed it. I was tickled to hear Greg do a sort of audio lit review — ah, that thing I know so well and will certainly be doing more of as I work on my degree — and he hit points of the article and chimed un with his thoughts. I like that. I also like the format: 20-30 minutes of news and information for the LIS community […]