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Modeling the Role of Blogging in Librarianship: Librarian, Why Do You Blog?

Some folks have asked about my dissertation. Last I heard it’s number 85 in line for the university reader. So I thought I’d share one of the sections here. This is the analysis of the question “Why do you blog?” To share information or insight Sharing is important to the blogging librarians who responded. For this category, 76 respondents had this response, which is 40% of the total. A prevalent word in this answer set was sharing. Respondents used phrases such as “to contribute to the profession,” “to serve the profession,” and “to inspire.” Two types of information seemed to […]

Abstract: Modeling the role of blogging in librarianship

Stephens, Michael, Modeling the role of blogging in librarianship. Doctor of Philosophy (Information Science), August 2007, 187 pp., 47 tables, 6 figures, 134 references. This phenomenological study examines the motivations and experiences of librarians who author professionally-focused Weblogs. The researcher constructed a model of librarianship based on Wilson and Buckland. The results show a close fit between librarian bloggers and the ideals of the field as expressed by two primary library and information science philosophers. A Web survey generated 239 responses to demographic and open-ended questions. Using the results of the survey, the researcher analyzed demographic data and performed a […]

On Writing the Dissertation (Michael is Unplugging)

Good Morning! I didn’t realize how hard it would be to write this little post. After the successful defense of my proposal, I am taking a few weeks off to focus exclusively on writing the last two chapters of my dissertation. I want to defend it in June before the cutoff date for August graduation. This is a lofty goal — a handful of weeks. My data is collected and ready for ananylysis. The demographics and stats are done. My next step is a content analysis of over 1600 replies to the “Why do you blog?” survey! I need to […]


It went well! I got some wonderful feedback, suggestions and ideas about moving forward into the dissertation. Thanks to all of my committee members – Dr. O’Connor (Chair), Drs. Lewandowski, Marek and Scahmber — and to my grad assistant, Brian Want, who took copious notes of the discussion.