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The Pragmatic Biblioblogger This post at ALA techSource a few weeks ago illustrates what will probably become the model for my dissertation. I was trying it out there and since then it’s been cooking in my brain. Try this on for size, as will I, by putting it out here: The Pragmatic Biblioblogger Model describes multiple types of librarians who share similar desires: to comment, to connect, to create community. The pragmatic biblioblogger model describes a librarian who authors a professionally-focused blog beyond the scope of their job to constantly find, share and offer advice to others in the LIS profession. Constantly […]

“Who are the Blog People? Librarians and their Motivations for Authoring Weblogs”

Here we go. This email just went out to the folks at UNT. Michael Stephens – Dissertation proposal defense “Who are the Blog People? Librarians and their Motivations for Authoring Weblogs” Monday, April 16, 2007 10 a.m. ISB 218 First, I defend. If successful, I will then write the data analysis of the “Blog People” qualitative data — 238 responses fron the Biblioblogosphere. Wish me luck. 🙂 Update: Sorry folks, I didn’t make it very clear. I will be defending the proposal via teleconference. I will be in a conference room at Dominican with my notes, proposal, bottles of water, […]

How about those Librarian Bloggers?

I’m submitting the first draft of my research proposal this week… here are the research questions: Research Questions To what extent have library and information science Weblog authors adopted the medium to further their goals and objectives for their writing/information sharing? Why? Sub Questions: To what degree are these blog authors utilizing other social tools to further their endeavors. What have librarian bloggers learned from blogging? What are the benefits of blogging within the LIS community? Has blogging had an effect on librarian bloggers’ jobs? What role does blogging play in their professional life? How has blogging affected your relationships […]

Another Blogger on My Committee

A couple of days ago I posted about my dissertation chair’s new blog, and last night I get an email note from the non-UNT member of my committee, Dr. Jude Lewandowski at Indiana University South Bend. She has started a blog as well! I guess I’ll have to be on my toes now that my committee members are bloggers and will be evaluating my blogger research. Jude teaches instructional technology in the education program at IUSB. Take a look at her fledgling blog. There’s a nice link post to a “lifelong learning” vido here.

My Dissertation Chair Blogs: Hypothesis Non Fingo

Dr. O’Connor, my dissertation chair and professor at UNT, and I have had some cool talks about blogs (of course), flickr and tags over the lst couple of years. I was pleased to see he has launched a blog called “Hypotheses non fingo” where you’ll find discussions of visual representations, photocutionary acts, and ultra high resolution images. I did have to look up what the title means! “Hypotheses non fingo” : “I feign no hypotheses” — Isaac Newton

Day One at Dominican

Day One at Dominican Originally uploaded by mstephens7. Greetings from my new office in Lewis Hall! Things are well here — the campus is bustling like I’ve never seen (having only taught weekends) and the folks in GSLIS are incredible. Yesterday, I attended Convocation and spent some time meeting and greeting. Today, more of the same. My heartfelt thanks to all who have emailed or IMed to ask how things were going as this transition continues.