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1 This post at ALA techSource a few weeks ago illustrates what will probably become the model for my dissertation. I was trying it out there and since then it’s been cooking in my brain. Try this on for size, as will I, by putting it out here: The Pragmatic […]

The Pragmatic Biblioblogger

I’m submitting the first draft of my research proposal this week… here are the research questions: Research Questions To what extent have library and information science Weblog authors adopted the medium to further their goals and objectives for their writing/information sharing? Why? Sub Questions: To what degree are these blog […]

How about those Librarian Bloggers?

Dr. O’Connor, my dissertation chair and professor at UNT, and I have had some cool talks about blogs (of course), flickr and tags over the lst couple of years. I was pleased to see he has launched a blog called “Hypotheses non fingo” where you’ll find discussions of visual representations, […]

My Dissertation Chair Blogs: Hypothesis Non Fingo