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Thanks Region 10, Richardson, Texas!

I had a great time at Friday’s workshop with school librarians, technologists and staff from Region 10 in Richardson, TX. I presented a full morning version of “the Hyperlinked School Library.” The slides are here: I appreciate all of the discussion and sharing!

Internet Librarian International Interview

I was recently interviewed for an email blast for ILI2010. Hope to see you in London in October! Here’s the text: Internet Librarian International continues to provide pertinent resources and support for today’s information environments. With the shifting emphasis on information provision; constantly-evolving methods for delivering it; increased demands from users; and tighter than ever budgets, we asked Advisory Board member, Michael Stephens, for his views on the future for library technologies and more … Read the full Internet Librarian International programme here. I would have to say the advent of participatory technologies has been the single most important technology […]

More on the Reference Desk is Gone

Jeff Trzeciak provides more information about McMaster University Library’s transformation to blended services: (bold emphasis is mine) In other words, only around 40% are really “research-related” questions.  The remaining 60% are largely directional.  In a subsequent blog post I reported on the breakdown between in-person, email and IM transactions.  These statistics indicate that only 82% of the volume is taking place within one of our buildings.  The remaining 18% is virtual. So, a decline of nearly 2/3 from our high, coupled with 18% of the assistance now being virtual and only 40% being research-related.  Sounds like a candidate for […]

The Reference Desk is Gone

Jeff  Trzeciak writes: After much planning and hard work the last of our reference desks is gone! Our library has completed the transition to “blended services” where library assistants handle most of the transactions at combined service points (circulation, interlibrary loan, research help). Our business library was the first to go in this direction around one year ago followed by our science/engineering library. Finally, I came in this morning to find that the last of our reference desks is now gone! Between 2009-2010 our Research Help Desk answered 21771 questions. As with many ARL libraries this number is down substantially. […]

Justin and the 8bit tat he got at Annual

Justin and the 8bit tat he got at Annual, originally uploaded by The Shifted Librarian. One of the highlights for my very brief time at ALA Annual in DC was having lunch with Justin Hoenke, He writes for TTW as a Contributor, blogs at 8BitLibrary and other blogs, and was a 2010 Emerging Leader on Team J. I was the Team J mentor. Take a look at this: Justin added a Link (I had it wrong – updated!) tattoo to his collection, which also includes a library logo on the other arm. (See What a unique way to […]

On ALA Emerging Leaders (the conclusion)

Team JBot (Justin Hoenke, Rafia Mirza, Jeannie Chen, Anne Krakow, Susan Jennings) Phew…time flies.  It’s been six months since my first post on being an Emerging Leader and now that I’ve “emerged”, what have I learned?  Here goes. THE PROJECT AND THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION To view the full report from our project, click here. As a project, our group was tasked with surveying librarians about “how web 2.0 should ALA go with”.  Before we jumped in, our first goal was setting up communication.  Be it ALA Connect, Google Talk, or even a simple email, as an Emerging Leader […]

Press Release: Dominican University appoints Ken Haycock as Follett Chair

River Forest, IL – Dominican University’s Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) has appointed Dr. Ken Haycock as the Follett Chair in Library and Information Science. Haycock is the recipient of the American Library Association’s 2010 Beta Phi Mu Award, presented annually for distinguished service to education in librarianship, as well as the association’s Herbert and Virginia White Award for promoting the profession of librarianship. A prolific writer and editor, he currently serves as regional editor for Library Management and series editor for Neal-Schuman’s The MBA for the MLIS Bookshelf. Haycock has held senior positions in both his […]

Kyle Jones on WP as LMS: “Open System, Open Learning” WordCamp Chicago

Open System, Open Learning – WordCamp Chicago 2010 View more presentations from Kyle Jones. I’m pretty darn proud of my former graduate assistant and TTW Contributor Kyle Jones. Take a look at his recent presentation at WordCamp Chicago. I’m also incredibly proud of him because he’s been accepted into the doctoral program at the University of Wisconsin Madison to study LIS and instructional technology. He’s got a great TA position and everything!! With Kyle’s library background from Elmhurst and Dominican, his  excellent coding skills and a focus on instructional design in his coursework, he’s going to be an incredible professor! […]